Sample Management Paper on Critical Issues in Project Management

Topic: Critical Issues in Project Management


Project management requires both expert assistance and experience, as I noticed in my first week activity of core workshop related to change maker certificate. From the standpoints of learning and performance, to attend the workshop was a brand-new experience for me. I have learned an organised method for having grip on change maker phenomenon. I have observed how to manage and divide activities within a group, determine which project management approach to use based on the nature of the project, filter product needs, and have a basic understanding of what is already on the market. I have learned how to operate in teams for a brief amount of time by using Gibbs reflection model. The change maker certificate is the first strand, from where I came to know an about overview of the Certificate process. In this workshop, I learned that Changemaker Certificate hub is actually an enterprise that has employees, alumni, students, and local community members. These members are a main source of funding and assistance for businesses that have a positive social effect on society (Abyad,2021).

Journal reflection part 1

It is crucial to understand that how we had to divide the groups and members for each group. I had made up a group of nine numbers. I obtained personal growth ability that had a positive societal impact in the incubator, which is a supportive atmosphere. The business idea discussed in change maker certificate workshop was about Green Chirps that was a project of manufacturing of recycled plastic plant pots (Ranković,2019).

In this workshop, I learned about the social impact of incubator which is how the Change maker Incubator makes a positive social difference in the community. Along with the work we did as students, the incubator also provides chances to fund and resource charitable organizations and social enterprises.

The project was about to identify social problems according to United Nations mentioned sustainable development goals (SDGs). We had to choose the social problems from alphabet, our group chosen the letter M an R. where M stands for mental health and R for Racism.  Racism is terrible, but most people are unaware of how pervasive it is in daily life. The lives of those who have experienced racism are profoundly affected by it. Mental health is another social issue that affects the physical capability of a person to do work or any other job of life.

The main reason for selecting this innovative idea of business is that it was more creative than other projects. We gathered and further investigated the creative concept in this workshop. Therefore, we developed the manufacturing ideas of recycled plastic plants pots project that was assigned to my group. We established certain ground rules and assigned group members specific duties. I learned more from this project management and was become able to work under more pressure to complete activities in group with many responsibilities (George,2020).  By using Gibbs reflection model, I can describe the whole activity process during this workshop. The Changemaker Certificate is an exclusive UON offering. As I went go through levels I came to know how to design my own special path and acquire experiences that fit with my views of abilities, interests, and chosen profession.

Fig. Gibbs Reflection Model

As I went through level 1, in this course, which introduced me to the world of change makers and helped me to understand why developing a change maker mindset is important for my personal and professional growth. The focus of Level 2 is acquiring real-world experience through work-related learning where different methods are available to do this.

I have known how communities work in change maker corticated courses, there are volunteering or paid workforce in the community, which enables you to support an organisation already in existence and making a beneficial influence on the community, is referred to as community engagement. This covers the short-term paid opportunities offered by the Changemaker Internship Program. This workshop provides me a chance to establish my own initiative or campaign to have a good social effect is available through changemaker initiatives (Dotsenko et al,.2019).


Journal reflection part 2

The project environment for this project was internal where aspects that is internal to the organisation but external to the project itself. These characteristics include governance, corporate culture, and structure, in addition to safety and protection measures.

Being a project manager I assessed how to manage possible risks involved in a project, capacity of resources and schedule of project. I recognized that being open to change is a crucial component of the project management strategy. Despite positive engagement, it was exceedingly challenging to get the intended outcome. For this purpose to had effective communication was essential. When communication between team members is successful, the workload is distributed among them and the task at hand is made simpler for everyone. Throughout the project, my team communicated via Google Drive and WhatsApp. With so many social applications on the market now, it is simpler for teams to get started and choose the best method of communication. For the duration of the project, group collaboration was crucial to removing ambiguity and unneeded delays (Zamora, et al,.2019).

Team members were more willing to freely communicate their views, opinions, and ideas, which creates more chances for innovation and creativity. Effective communication simplified the messages that need to be conveyed and in this way I controlled misunderstandings, if not entirely but the level 2 of change maker certificate, I developed my own business concept or establishing myself as a freelancer with a focus on people, planet, and profit, including the chance to apply for finance and assistance, is known as enterprise development. I learned that when I would cross the level 2, I would get access to online Changemaker Community, which will help me get through my experience.

I implemented change management model in group work. The ADKAR technique minimises disagreement and speeds adoption by focusing on personnel. I utilized the ADKAR approach to value the employees input and assistance. Whenever I face the issues of time management and other resources mismanagement, I started a dialogue to update team members of the need for variation rather than employing it on them from the top down so that may persuade them that it would be to their advantage. This action increased their motivation to help with the change management practices.



Fig. ADKAR Change Management Model

This model helped me in learning and goals of the project that were intertwined, but knowledge concentrates more on comprehending how the change may be implemented. In addition, I focused more to make employees be ready for change by understanding aims to give personnel change mindset that they needed to accomplish the transition. This model helped me to show my knowledge towards change by adopting new management metjhods and reinforce them in group work.

Journal reflection Part 3

I have used the LEGOS SERIOUS Play method for executing change maker project. This approach enhanced my learning and thinking abilities to work with groups, teams, and individuals thinking, communication, and problem-solving. It is founded on the idea of “hand knowledge” and depends on considerable study from the domains of business, organisational development, psychology, and learning.

The strategic management plan is a portion of the project that I believe was quite fascinating and crucial. It involved ensuring consistency across the board for a project, including schedule, scope, cost, quality, human resources, and communication, risk, and stakeholder relations. These are interrelated processes that I accomplished with the efforts of my team with other groups. It is a procedure that requires ongoing observation of the tasks carried out during the course of the project. By having a plan of strategic management of change mindset project I learned to manage time appropriately, keeping a close check on it from the beginning to the end (Ela et al,.2020).

I used Triple bottom theory for sustainability development of business goals and to smooth social effects of our project on ecosystem. Through its perspective on people, the earth, and wealth, the triple bottom line idea is systemic in nature. I read and implemented the sustainable development goals (SDGs) during my level 2 activities of project, these goals are developed by the United Nations (U.N.) with this connectedness in mind, “guarantee that all people may have successful and satisfying lives and that economic, social, and technical growth happens in balance with nature. The social impact of our project includes to improve a variety of aspects of the environment, people, and economic prospects, for instance to reduce racism in society and to improve people’s mental health.

I used the community practice technique to work in a team. In this way my team members could share a concern or an interest for something that they do and want to lea People who “share a concern or a love for something that they do and learn how to execute it better. I interacted with my team members who have an interest in a particular area of technology or business. In this way, I demonstrated them the effects of technology on business by presenting relevant information. I made power point slides and showed them the sustainable effects of change mind set by telling them change makers stories (Martinsuo et al,.2020).

We made a team contract for making a group posture of our business idea and all our team members signed it. By using different cultural theories, I enabled my team to keep united in a diverse culture by sharing their concepts and kept them involved. By using Company culture theory I ensured team members to work within set guidelines and systems of our workplace. I also used cognitive theory to focus on the idea that how and what individuals thinking’s can cause the stimulation of emotions, and that some notions and opinions lead to strong emotions and adaptive behavior. I prefer to adopt cognitive theory as it can help out to understand team members working behavior and to control them by sharing their emotions to improve project results.

I also learned about open system theory as we practiced in changer maker level 2. According to the open system theory, any organisation is significantly impacted by its surroundings. Power structures, political forces, economic pressures, and other organisations may make up an organization’s environment. I have applied an open business idea in Level 3 of change maker project. An open system is one that enabled me to interchange of experiences, skills, resources, and creativity with project environment. In contrast to closed and isolated systems, the open system concept is built on the interchange of materials, information, and dynamism (Katumin,2021).

During a group exercise, I discovered how to collaborate and exchange ideas. I discussed my project-related experience in my assessment of reflexivity. While collaborating with others, I obtained more knowledge. In a group activity, I occasionally ran into issues of resources management but with the aid of the majority decision-making process, I was able to address every issue and simultaneously accomplish our objectives. I practised collaboration, which is the idea that we should support one another. The main issue was a language barrier; one of my team members was from a different nation and could not understand English properly. But I overcame this problem by discussing each point with him slowly and clearly. The third level of the Changemaker Certificate focuses on my explaining skills of growth as a Changemaker through a presentation to a Changemaker Panel, this level allowed me the chance to tell my Changemaker story (Delisle et al,.2019).

There was another issue to start or initiate the project but I resolve this issue by establishing a strategy of spending more time on the evaluation. Sometimes team members were lacked of interest in project and began to waste time. Then I started to motivate them by telling successful change makers stories and efforts. I also had to deal with the presenting difficulty of one partner not having the confidence to present well. The other team member was anxious about making the presentation. I advised them to practise speaking in front of a mirror at home more (Horavath,2021).


I have recognized my strong skills of communication and presentation of my work during workshop. I believe that my idea for the final project of change maker might not be rejected. My core skills are creativity and empathy towards my work passion.

I believed in quality work and to keep my time members in a single place equally by telling them truth about project initiatives. I was a confident individual who also has strong teamwork abilities. The other aspect of my strength is that I consistently showed up for class and adhere to the teacher’s instructions so that our project may be improved. I assessed my individual strengths by conducting individuality test HIGH5:

  • Empathy
  • Creativity
  • Equality
  • Quality
  • Truth



I need to develop my smart action plan to become a social change maker. I may become socially conscious and inventive by adopting a change maker mentality, which is a mode of thinking that helps my approach towards the world and everything I do with an awareness of the influence. By growing in this way, I can acquire the fundamental qualities and values necessary to become a graduate with vision who can make a meaningful social and economic contribution in the future.

  • I need to develop the qualities that go under the self-direction category to give myself ability to carry out tasks in the best or most advantageous manner.
  • I should be empathise in my creativity and it may be identified as ability that help me to do the tasks I have set out to complete, and they are all crucial while attempting to bring about a positive change.
  • I should maintain generosity approach from the perspective of a Changemaker.
  • I need to act like a commander for my change mindset. I have to follow more than being in command, having leadership abilities as a Changemaker is about demonstrating my vision and encouraging others to follow you.
  • I should manage my time accordingly to each activity of project so it can be executed on time (Dostenko et al,.2019).


I have learned the effectiveness of the group work. This is the most important skill I’ve learned since it’s the basis for effective teamwork. Working well in a group has been incredibly beneficial to me in attempting to solve a range of problems, and supervisors will respect this skill highly in the future. To have problem solving skill is necessary to complete project successfully. This skill demonstrated the value of information sharing among teammates. I also gained skills for time management and working efficiently under pressure. This project presented me with a variety of difficulties, including those related to time management, motivation, etc., which helped me to realise how effectively I can handle unforeseen circumstances in the future (Horavath,2019).

To sum up, I have learned the skills of change maker agent . During a group exercise, I performed project activities of plastic plants pot manufacturing by applying change management model. I have attended a workshop of change maker certificate having three levels. All level showed us how to have a change mind set and initiate any business idea. I have practiced all three levels in my project of business innovation.



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