Sample Management Paper on CMM in Project Management

            Use of CMM in project management offers a form of flexibility that is not found in other approaches. This flexibility is important for the project manager, as it allows him/her to be better prepared for the uncertainties that can befall a project. People and other variables in the project are often unpredictable. The variables might be in the form of finances or the environment, and they can make it hard to have the project delivered in the intended time and quality. This makes flexibility important, as it gives the project management process enough wiggle room to accommodate the uncertainties. Further, this CMM model will be applied to all the projects that the company is involved in. No projects are similar, even if their deliverables are the same. This is caused by the varying timelines, personnel and resources. Flexibility will provide the required buffer to achieve the intended objectives.

            The triple constraints in project management include time, scope and cost. Regarding time, CMM offers the flexibility needed to accommodate any changes or unpredictable variables of the project. The timeline given is done having taken into consideration such factors. Therefore, there is very little probability of the project taking more time that had been allocated to the project manager and other stakeholders. The scope of the project entails the deliverables expected at the end of the project. The scope of a project that is driven by the CMM approach is often rigid, as CMM greatly reduces the possibility of a scope creep taking place. CMM affects the cost by improving the efficiency and effectiveness of the processes involved in a project. This helps in containing the cost of the project. The implementation of the CMM approach is expected to change the way of doing things in the organization. All the stakeholders, especially the ones directly involved in the project need to be informed about the intended changes and if necessary the any required training done on time.