Sample Management Movie Review Paper on Practice Organizing

Practice Organizing

            When the work is lagging behind schedule and the office seems to be in order, there are two main principles of organization that should be applied to bring back sanity and rectify the mistakes. First, he should use chronological order. That is, he should arrange the work by priority of time so that the urgent work comes first in the list of priority and the rest come thereafter in the order of time (Myers-Shaffer 69; Friedlander n.pag). He should set dates and sort all the work and assign the employees giving them an earlier deadline. He should explain to the employees what they need to do as the protagonist in the video “Work-Life Balance” by  McGraw-Hill.

The second principle of organization that I would advise the manager to use to put his office in order drawing my illustration from the McGraw-Hill’s video is climactic order. The organization principle deals with how to do once work in order of importance (Myers-Shaffer 69; Friedlander n.pag). The items to work on in the office should be organized in terms of importance. The most important should be given priority. The importance in this case of the delayed deadline should consider how hard the assignments are, how expensive or how time-consuming the orders are. The others aspect of the same order is psychological order where most office dwellers would always give attention to what comes at the beginning than end without considering the importance. In the video, one ought to consider an order of importance.

I advice the officer to put the two principals into action. I choose the two because the office set up and matters deadline need priority consideration and order of importance. If the office is well arranged and organized then the two principles will always be applied successfully.

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