Sample Management Essay Paper on Walter Keiechel’s view on the value of business consultants

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Walter Keiechel’s view on the value of business consultants

Walter holds that the success of any business depends on the high-level strategic business consultants and academics. The business must have strategies to drive their agenda and pay attention to business consultants to design and implement these strategies (Kiechel, 2010).  He views the companies with best strategists as objective intellectuals who are sensitive to patterns of evidence and subject them to conceptual frameworks thereby generating pragmatic insights.

He advocates a combination of both strategy and people to remain competitive by embracing adaptive, feedback and intelligence approaches to strategic planning. I do not agree with this view since the best strategists need to retain a child-like wonder alongside a natural intellectual curiosity supported by analytic rigor. However, this is an incredibly difficult amalgamation of skills to possess in one individual.

Advantages and disadvantages of:

Devil’s advocate- The advantage is that it eliminates groupthink and identifies the flaws. In so doing, it leads to quality-decision as well as eliminate any potential future problems and issues (Lunenburg, 2012). The disadvantage is that it slows down the decision-making process as strategist have to go back and eliminate these flaws. It also challenges strategies and close down the ideas in its attempt to open new possibilities.   

Dialectical inquiry- The advantage is that it privileges rationality as the basis for discovering a truthful strategy since it judges both sides of an argument equally and both side argument culminates in a consensual truth (Mietzner & Reger, 2005). The disadvantage is that it is a prolonged and procedural approach to decision-making.

Consensus- The advantage of consensus approach is shared information alongside favorable outcomes realized via synergy and the power of many mind executing one decision. The disadvantage is that it leads to diffusion of responsibility as well as inefficiency (Dyeret al. 2009).


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