Sample Management Essay Paper on the Manager’s Job: Folklore and Fact

Q1. What is your internship description?

I am an assistant sales manager intern. My job description includes the following:

•    Help to manage the sales group in K-C U.S. CAP.

•    Reports to the sales manager

•    Takes charge of the sales group when the sales manager is not around.

•    Develop a sales pitch

•    Assign a territory

•    Schedule employees to their territories

•    Selling K-C U.S. CAP

•    Handles the day’s sales

•    Handles cash sales

Required skills:

•    Leadership skills

•    Communication skills

•    Customer focus

Q2. How will you gain knowledge in the foundation of business?

I will learn how resources are effectively used to grow a business. Employees are a type of resource known as the Human Resource. When I am assigning territories to the sales team, I assign an employee to a territory that he has knowledge of and can easily make networks.

I will learn how to grow sales. As an assistant manager, I will be required to sell alongside my colleagues. The sales that I make will accumulate towards meeting the target of the team.

I will learn how to record transactions. Every sale that is made is to be recorded to prevent confusion. I update daily records of sales of my team to know if we are achieving targets. The records help the production team in knowing how many caps are needed on a monthly basis.

Q3. How will you gain knowledge in the foundation of your management major?

I have acquired leadership skills as I lead the sales team towards achieving the goal of the organization. Communication skills are useful because I will inform a customer that the product exists. I will also make the customer feel that the cap is created for them. The third skill is customer focused. The Caps are made to protect a customer from adverse weather conditions and as a fashion statement. A customer who wears the cap feels trendy.

Q4. How will you improve your interpersonal skills?

I have learned to interact with different personalities. My sales team is made up of individuals who have different personalities. I play their strengths to create a winning team. For example, I assigned a cheerful sales lady to handle a customer who was highly disappointed. I have learned to be resilient especially when sales are low. For example, during winter few caps are sold. I have learned to be patient when the season is low and to maximize during the peak season. It is important for a manager to communicate effectively to the team during consistently. I encourage feedback from colleagues to know the challenges they face at work.

Q.6. How will the internship help you understand and commit to your career of interest?

The internship will give me practical skills which will help me identify my career of choice. I will gain exposure which will help me align my personal strengths to my career of choice. I aspire to become a retail manager. I am social in nature which is helpful when it comes to managing a sales team. The sales team at K-U U.S. CAP is highly motivated. I was able to engage with the team and maintain their high morale. The level of responsibility in a managerial position is higher. As an assistant manager, I will be responsible for the decision that is made by my team. I am also responsible for the success and failure of my team. For example, one sales lady sold 100 caps in one day, and I was also congratulated for her success.

Q5. How will the internship help enhance your professionalism?

I have learned the importance of being organized. Organizational skills help to know which client to give priority. I would always give our regular customers the first priority. I would communicate with customers telling them why our caps are the best in the market. I have acquired a positive attitude when dealing with customers. I sell with a cheerful attitude.

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