Sample Management Essay Paper on The Golden Circle Concept

The Golden Circle Concept

Simon Sinek’s Golden Circle concept purports that to be great and successful, organizations ought to create their foundation by addressing why they exist, then proceed to how they go about their mission, and finally, focus on what they do. With this concept, Sinek inspires organizational leaders to think more about the calling of their organizations as well as rally other stakeholders to help in organizational development rather than just selling widgets. The principle idea presented by the Golden Circle concept is that customers or employees do not buy into what an organization does but rather why an organization does what it does (“How Great Leaders Inspire Action” 1).

This concept is related to effective leadership in organizations because it inspires leaders to focus on what is important in organizations. Effectiveness in leadership is evident when organizational leaders exhibit both transactional and transformational leadership. This means that an effective leader should focus on clarifying employees’ roles and task requirements, providing them with rewards for performance, as well as exhibiting self-sacrifice and engendering trust. All these are often done with the aim of addressing the reasons behind the existence of an organization, which is the key emphasis in the Golden Circle concept.

With the Golden Circle concept, the organizational leader’s purpose is to ensure that why the organization exists is addressed and that, employees and other stakeholders work towards the achievement of this objective. As such, the concept insists on cooperation among organizational stakeholders thereby highlighting the need for having perfect organizational structures.

Moreover, the concept states that organizations and leaders should focus on hiring people who believe what they believe, which will see those hired work with blood, sweat, and tear (“How Great Leaders Inspire Action” 1). This concept inspires the culture of hard work and sacrifice within organizations with the aim of ensuring that what organizations believe in is achieved.

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