Sample Management Essay Paper on Performance Reviews

             Performance reviews on employees refer to the process where the employees of an organization are evaluated or assessed based on the objectives and long term goals of the organization. Performance reviews enable the development of a framework of performance and promote feedback basing on the standards, and therefore a suitable reward system for the organization is realized.

             Some of the positive outcomes of appraisal systems in performance are the motivation of employees to perform well, improve their morale and enhancing goal orientated performance. Employees can appreciate themselves, know their areas of weakness as well as developing their weak points to prove their relevance to the organization (Langdon & Osborne, 2011). Through the performance reviews, the organization grows, and the employees also develop in their areas of profession thus they can be retained for a more extended period. The quality of operations in the organization is also increased by regular assessment and evaluation.

             The adverse outcomes of performance reviews are that employees feel the pressure of being monitored all the times; thus, they may be demotivated in case they are rated to be poor performers. Employees can feel the pressure for the need to perform well and end up not giving their best (Lindsey, 2016). The employees may even quit because the performance parameters are high and difficult to achieve. The employee’s interest to perform well will finish with regular checks and may disadvantage them.

              The half-yearly Performance Evaluation system is the performance review system used in my organization. In the review system, the superiors evaluate the employees individually based on the work done and the achieved goals in 6 months. The employee reports to the superior who is the immediate boss. The superior fills the evaluation form with details on the performance of the employee and indicates areas that need improvement. The system has a positive impact on the employees as it helps them to know their productivity in the organization as well as their level of satisfaction to the superiors and thus there is motivation which increases the organization productivity.

            Sustainability depends on the performance of employees, and this means that good performance by the employees is an indication of working for an organization efficiently and using reliable methods and skills for achieving the goals of an organization. The performance review strategy encourages productive results, and it is beneficial and helps the organization in achieving a sustainable position (Runion & Brittain, 2016). Therefore, the employees’ performance determines the growth and sustainability of an organization.


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