Sample Management Essay Paper on Marketing Proposal for AXE

Marketing Proposal for AXE

The marketing plan for AXE will be designed to ensure the company gets a grip on the market for both male and female products. The plan will provide AXE with a platform on which to base its marketing strategy and will b developed to suit the needs of the firm. The marketing plan will include various sections that will be crucial for the organization. The first section will be the positioning statement, which will indicate how AXE wants to position its products in the market. The second will be the product-related objectives which will discuss the market segment that the product will occupy. The third objective will be discussing the finance and marketing objectives which will determine the financial outlay needed to promote AXE’s products. It will also state how the products will enable AXE to meet its financial goals.

            The fourth section that will be covered relates to customers’ needs and want. This section will elaborate on how AXE’s products will be able to meet the current needs of the market. The next section will be related to the fourth. This is the problem being solved by the product, which will indicate the market gap that AXE’s products will fill in the segment of body care. Section six will discuss the marketing strategies of competitors to determine how AXE will gain an edge over them.  Following this will be the unique selling point (USP) of the product, which is the characteristics that make AXE’s products stand out. The last section will cover the product features and packaging. The section will illustrate how the product will be presented to attract customers.

Marketing Plan for AXE

Positioning Statement

AXE is a product that has been made in accordance with the highest standards practiced at the company. The product has been developed to effectively cater to the needs of consumers who need effective body care products.

The Position of The Product in The Market 

The segment of body care is highly suitable for AXE as the product has been developed against the backdrop of a recent surge for body care products. The sector lacks a robust brand which consumers all over the world can trust to provide them with effective care. On that account, AXE comes in a timely manner to match the demand for such products, especially by young active people across the world. The product will provide quality care in a convenient manner.

Product-related Objectives

AXE is being developed with the aim of being the leading product in the market segment of body care products by offering quality and convenience. The product will bank on the company’s supply chain to reach all corners of the world to provide a reliable brand in even remote corners of the world (McDonald & Wilson, 2016). To that extent, the product aims to become the global leader and the most renowned brand in this segment. Further, it is anticipated that the product will minimize the use of scrupulous products since it will be affordable and easy to access. Indeed, AXE will change the face of the industry for the better and create a platform for robust body care products

Overall Financial and Marketing Objectives

As an enterprise banking on of its profits to grow, AXE needs to expand its product line so that it can have a larger market base. New products will enable the company to achieve this since it is targeted at all consumer bases. The product will suitable for both men and women. The demand for the product will be high thus ensuring it will provide a steady stream of income of the company (Berman, 2016). In relation to marketing objectives, AXE will continue to build the brand name and reputation associated with AXE products. The quality of the product will speak of it itself and the company will leverage this to market the product on all platforms. It is hoped that that AXE will be the preferred choice for families all over the world.

Customers’ Needs and Wants

As stated earlier, consumers all over the world need a reliable and quality brand. AXE will facilitate this at a convenient price to match the needs of clients in this segment.

Problem being Solved

In a wider perspective, AXE is solving a problem associated with substandard products. The product will enable consumers to live healthy and active lifestyles.

The Positioning of AXE

Due to the efficient supply network that AXE has established across the world and its solid reputation as a brand, AXE will have a significant advantage over other brands in the segment (Wirtz & Lovelock, 2016). These brands are not well known and do not have such a robust supply network thus consumers will likely lean towards AXE.


Whereas other brands have established themselves in the soothing drop market, they cannot attain the strategic advantage that AXE holds. AXE is a multinational brand with a solid market base; this will ensure its products gain from brand loyalty.

The Unique Selling Proposition (USP)

AXE’s USP will be the quality and convenience afforded by it which no other brand in the industry can match.

Product Characteristics

AXE products will be produced in different scents to match one’s lifestyle.The product will be packaged in resealable and recyclable packets that are bright and attractive.


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