Sample Management Essay Paper on Managing Behavior in Organization

Managing Behavior in Organization

            Leadership in an organization is dependent on many different factors. Evidently, a good leader is not only recognized by the fact that he or she is able to deliver but also embraces networking and quality interpersonal relationships. Taking a closer look at Jill’s life in this organization, one is able to realize that her strength only lay in her ability to perform excellently in her responsibilities. For example, she performs so well to the extent that she receives appreciation notes from the CEO. As much as she is recognized within the organization for her excellent performance, she appears to be a loner who spends much of her time building herself and her career. Jill fails to realize that politics should have been part and parcel of her way up the organizational hierarchy (Wenderoth). She also concentrates on her performance and pleasing her boss failing to interact with other employees. Unfortunately, her school of leadership, “Kumbaya”, denies her the opportunity to realize that she was going through a process of career mismanagement.

            In my view, organizational politics is essential (Wenderoth). However, more weight should be placed on the qualifications of an individual. In this case, Jill should have been offered the opportunity to climb up the hierarchy despite her inability to appear completely political. The smart and hardworking people in an organization should be rewarded with positions just like the organizational politicians. Such opportunities will ensure that quality standards are maintained and more people are motivated to work smart. Organizations should offer training sessions that will teach and encourage interpersonal relationships. Instead of denying potential individuals the opportunity to lead, organizational leaders should weigh an individual’s ability and help them work on their weaknesses.

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