Sample Management Essay Paper on Integrated Change Control

Integrated Change Control

Response to Reply 1

             I agree with your description of the importance of integrated change control and the processes required to perform it in project management. Implementing an integrated change control promotes the improvement of a project as the need for change stems from identified errors in the initial plans for the project. Sponsors base their approval of the changes requested by project managers on factors such as the effects that the change would have on the results (Andrade, Albuquerque, Teofilo, & Silva, 2016). Based on your experience in implementing changes in projects, how do you deal with resistance from team members or the sponsors of a project and how do you convince them to accept the change? I think treating change initiatives like short-term projects and subsequently integrating the change management process in the entire project promotes collaboration among team members and sponsors.

Response to Reply 2

            Change is inevitable and organizations are bound to implement actions or strategies that would result in changes in their companies. In project management, the process of integrated change control ensures that each stage of the project is completed successfully and any errors, issues, or complications are resolved through change management. Aside from helping project managers in solving problems and decide on corrective actions, the integrated change control also enables project managers to ensure that the needs of the sponsors are met, while at the same time increasing the likelihood for future collaborations. The benefits and possible detrimental effects of the project should also be considered before implementation of the change (Stasis, Whyte, & Dentten, 2013). Like in the case of your organization, I agree that the integrated change control process enables organizations to improve their productivity and performance.


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