Sample Management Essay Paper on Global Management Challenges

Global Management Challenges

Global companies operate in more than one country (Thomas, 2003). The least number being to and an open maximum number of countries. When a company goes global it shows that it is expanding and also the levels of profits are on steady rise and also the market base is expanding (Thomas, 2003). Managers of the global companies usually have a hard task ensuring smooth running of the company.

There is slow decision making in global management (Thomas, 2003). Even if the manager is certain that a certain decision should be made, he/she has to wait for a go ahead from the parent company. This is challenging as it slows down operations and effectiveness of the global companies (Thomas, 2003). The managers operate within a boundary.

There is a very big case of disjointed conflict resolution (Thomas et al., 2014). Since there are different cultures involved, it makes it hard for conflict to be solved amicably with all parties satisfied. This is because of the different cultures involved. The managers usually have a hard time solving conflicts among the staff.

There is usually lack of clarity when delegating duties and assignments (Thomas, 2003). When working with team members who have different native tongues, it is common for key messages to get lost in translation (Thomas et al., 2014). This is a big challenge as it slows down work in the companies. Assignments usually take a long time to be completed and this is a very big challenge. Communication is the biggest challenge faced in global management (Hodgetts et al., 2006).  There may be poor phone connections which may hamper conference calls or even colleagues communicating with each other. Even though global companies have high profitability, they undergo numerous challenges due to its large status as discussed above.


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