Sample Management Essay Paper on Article Write Up: Leadership

Article Write Up: Leadership

            The article “What is Leadership? Ten Ways To Define It” by Gamelearn (2016) starts by asking a probing and provoking question. It asks, “What is Leadership?” The author does not provide a definitive answer and admits the definition of leadership has no consensus. The lack of consensus is caused by the sheer broadness of the scope covered by leadership. In the context of the article, effective leadership is considered. Ten elements that can help in coming up with a good definition of leadership are explored in the article. These elements include vision, serving, empathy, creativity, thoroughness, managing, teambuilding, taking risks, and improving (Gamelearn, 2016). The effectiveness of the elements when applied by a leader or a manager in an organization is dependent on the nature of the organization and the goals of the management and employees.

            Having the qualities mentioned in the article increases the effectiveness of leadership. For example, having a vision and communicating it in an inspiring manner to the employees ensures the achievement of the objectives of an organization (Ekinci, 2015). A manager should not just focus on the managerial duties as described for his or her occupation. Leadership is needed to make the workers appreciative of the efforts made by the manager (Ekinci, 2015). Demonstrating the stated elements elicits the admiration of the juniors and also makes them feel valued by the organization. Empathy, in particular, allows the manager to have a glimpse of the personal lives of the employees. The manager can then give the employees treatment aimed at making their professional and personal life pleasant (Holt, Marques, Hu & Wood, 2017). The employees in turn show their appreciation by being more cooperative and hardworking.


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