Sample Management Critical Thinking Essay Paper on Chapter 9 Taking Stock

Chapter 9 Taking Stock

Trade Off

Balancing the needs of different types of businesses’ customers within a single product and service is one of the most encountered trade-off in products and services design. However, there are other types of designs that involve more than a single manufactured product and service. Companies have to analyze the available tradeoffs to enable them make suitable decisions on whether to offer products and service guarantee.  

The major tradeoffs faced by manufacturers who produce and offer more than one product to their customers include ways to organize people in the best way possible and bring about customer satisfaction in service and product design. This type of trade-off enables the companies to avoid incurring poor product costs like customer’s dissatisfactions and loss of reputation. These costs would result in the company losing its existing and potential customers to its competitors in the market. As a result of costs that are associated with poor quality, it is always advisable for the companies to fix the problems early in the design phase of product control before the products and services are offered to customers in the market.

The other type of a major tradeoff is concerned with the discrete product design, for instance, in the Automobile industry. These are the products that can be broken down at the end of their lifecycle and hence enable the manufacturing company to recycle the basic components of the products. The trade off for discrete products is referred to as the quality of the product versus the cost of designing it. The quality of the product or service refers to the features of goods that determine their demand by customers, and are controlled by manufacturing companies to meet specific requirements.

For the organizations to produce goods and services that continuously increase customer’s satisfactions and acceptability, they require to conduct thorough analyses on the available tradeoffs. The tradeoffs adopted would be applied differently depending on the production level and the industry the company is intending to venture in. the determinant factor would be whether the company intends to manufacture single product and service, produce discrete products or, offer more than one products and services to its target customers.