Sample Management Courseworks Paper on Career and Personal Reflection: Career Management Course

Career and Personal Reflection: Career Management Course

Participating in the career management course has helped me to appreciate the importance of managing one’s career skills. This is a prerequisite for meeting individual goals and those of the organization as well (Kreitner & Cassidy, 2012). Towards this end, the career management course has enabled me to acknowledge where my interests lie in terms of my desired career goals. I have also learned about the importance of developing my professional reputation and the strategies that I am required to possess as I embark on job searching. This career and personal reflection is an attempt to examine what I have learned in the career management course. Besides reflecting on what I already know about career management, I shall also endeavor to examine the current and potential state of the job market. I will also explore the lessons learned about myself in class, the goals I have set on achieving at the end of the course and how the study of career management shall serve me.

Career management involves harnessing of skills in such a manner as to enable individuals to access and fully utilize a wide-range of management services and products in an effective manner (Ellis, 2004). In addition, Greenhaus (2009) contends that this should occur at a place and time that fulfills their needs. Through this course, I have learned that career management also enables organization to develop behavioral guidelines for its staff, and which they are required to follow. In addition, I have learned that career management skills are important for employees in that they enable them to identify opportunities that will aid in the development of their employability skills and learning goals (Kreitner & Cassidy, 2012). Besides, career management skills enable individuals to better understand how the labor market operates, including the means of findings a job (Ellis, 2004). Such as understanding is also important in that it enables individuals to appreciate why and how individual jobs and industries within their area of expertise are undergoing change and the kinds of skills they are required to possess if at all; they are to attain progress in their respective jobs. Career management also encompasses the active management and structured planning of an individual’s professional career. Employees who are able to manage their career successfully go on to achieve work-life balance, personal fulfillment, financial security, and goal achievement. On the other hand, individuals who lack proper career management skills end up with burn out as they cannot strike a balance between their personal and professional lives (Sultana, 2013). As a result, their careers are not as fulfilling as they would want, and this denies them personal and professional fulfillment. They are also unable to achieve their goals.

It is important to appreciate the fact that finding a job as a market in the modern day is becoming increasingly complicated by the day. This is because the modern-day marketers is required to be an all-round employee who possess excellent communication skills, is adept as IT skills, and is flexible in what they do. On the other hand, marketing jobs can be quite fulfilling, especially in terms of remuneration. Marketing jobs are among the best paid jobs and as such, most people have sought to enroll for this course (Thompson, 2013). However, this is largely dependent on the field of choice within the marketing discipline and the firm for which they work. There is also a growing trend that shows improved job market for direct and digital marketing professionals. Increasingly, companies are embracing social media as a recruitment platform for prospective employees (Thompson, 2013). This has been necessitated by a rise in demand for skilled marketers. However, it is important to note hat on its own, social media can never be an effective platform for recruitment. Employers need to integrate it with the other conventional members of recruitment. For the employees, they require to also embrace it as a toll for being recruited.

Participating in the various class activities in the career management course has been very useful in helping to know more about myself, especially the traits that I possess and which could prove useful in developing my future career plan. One of things that I learned about myself from participating I the various class Activities is that I love to challenge myself. I like to learn more about what has been taught in class, far beyond the course content. I am also a firm believer in in-depth study and as such, I pride myself in being a contentious fact finder. Secondly, I embrace creative approaches to handling various tasks at hand. This helps to save time, allowing me to focus more attention on other issues. As a result, I am able to achieve a lot within a very short time. At the same time, participating in class activities while undertaking the career management course has also helped to reveal that I value new experiences and skills. This was revealed to me after I realized how I actively engaged my tutors and other classmates in exploring the course content, and how it applies to relevant real life cases. The activities done in class have thus helped me to discover who I am as a person, especially in regards to my professional career.

The emerging characteristics and patterns in this discipline are such that consumers are increasingly relying on such social medial platforms like Twitter and Facebook, as well as the internet to learn more about the product and services sold by a company. This means that the marketer needs to realize that the modern day customer is increasingly knowledgeable and as such, should develop a habit of undertaking an in-depth understanding of the products and services that they market. Competition is also very high for marketing job given how dynamic and lucrative it can get. As a result, professionals from other field such as engineering have also end up taking marketing and business-related jobs. In addition, the the number of students enrolling for this course has also been on a steady increase in recent years. What this means is that marketers should be creative, able and willing to constantly learn, if at all they are to survive and remain relevant in the market.

By the end of this career management course, I have set my eyes on achieving two specific goals. The first goal is to develop strategies for job searching. In order to achieve this goal, I hope to actively engage my tutors throughout the course so that I can gain valuable skills that shall enable me to effectively and proactively locate the desired job and manage my career. Additionally, I hope to utilize the knowledge and expertise from my learners to develop a greater awareness of my individual transferable skills, and to discover what motivates me. Besides, I believe that at the end of the course, I will be better equipped to explore various career options within the marketing discipline. The second goal that I hope to achieve by the end of this course is the ability to develop a good resume. A résumé is a useful tool in any job description, including that of a marketer. I hope that at the end of this course, I shall have developed the skills and expertise needed to develop a good résumé. More importantly, I hope to have developed the strategies that I need to adapt my resume for the different careers within the marketing discipline that I might be interested in. At the same time, I am optimistic that by the time I complete this course, I will be in a position to present my experience and skills in my resume effectively.

So far, I have had prior experience in the field of marketing and business management. Between July and August 2014, I was attached to the VIP section of the Formula 1 event in Yas Island, as a customer service representative. Earlier on, between June and August 2012, I worked at Al Mandoos Media Est as an intern where I was actively involved in the daily reporting of sponsorship activities. I also helped to schedule appointments involving multiple agencies and companies. As I undertake a career management course under the School of Business and Management at the American University of Sharjah, I believe that this course shall prove to be very useful in enabling me to realize personal fulfillment in my work and personals life as well. More importantly, I am optimistic that this course will enable me to achieve the career and personal goals that I have identified. This will go a long way in helping to fast-track my career path.

In sum, the career management course has helped to develop my personal and professional goals in the field of marketing. While the marketing professional has proved to be quite lucrative, it is very demanding, in that the marketer has to be ready to constantly learn and be creative. This is in order to address the needs of increasingly knowledgeable customers. At the end of this course, I have set my eyes on being able to develop job searching strategies, in addition to being able to present my experiences and skills in the form of a good resume. I am optimistic that this course will enable me to attain my personal and career goals.


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