Sample Management Coursework Paper on Managing a Diverse Workforce

Managing a Diverse Workforce

Workplace discrimination based on an individual’s rank is a common source of conflict in the workplace.  In a certain manufacturing company that I worked for as a volunteer in the human resource department, there was a conflict between the technical associates and senior manufactures. The source of their dispute is that a senior manufacturer had credited himself with a certain product prototype, which was entirely discovered and developed by a group of technical associates working under him.  Considering that, this set of employees work and interact together on various occasions, it is significant to solve any form of tension, mistrust, stereotyping, and communication problems that can arise. Concisely, according to Krayna, the most appropriate way to address such workplace challenges is being proactive to emerging issues.

First, the management should provide clear instructions pertaining project plans, team responsibilities and deadlines to alleviate any form of mistrust and tension. Moreover, rumors must be solved as soon as possible to prevent disputes. Second, social activities such as teamwork, picnics, getaways and scavenger hunts can be adopted to promote positive communication, teamwork and trust. Besides, the conflicting workers should be subjected to conflict resolution training. Third, the management should have more contact with employees at different levels and identify with the sources of their resentment and conflict. Managers should be quick to solve any form of arising dispute or conflict before it becomes uncontrollable.

Fourth, the manufacturing company can curtail the tension as soon as it notes the rising issue. In this case, it can understand the background of the problem and the corresponding viewpoint of the discontented employees.  After that, the employees can be asked to suggest possible solutions to the problem.Finally, engaging the two worrying sides in a common debate on the issue is essential towards solving the challenge.  In this practice, the management takes the opportunity to explain to them the source of the problem and guide them on how to use positive conflict management ways to end future standoffs.

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