Sample Management Coursework Paper on If I Build It Will They Come

If I Build It Will They Come?

Selecting a restaurant location choice is essential and this report looks at some of the important factors. Certainly, finding the right location will guarantee profitability ceteris paribus. For this purpose, I conducted research on the suitable location under instructions from the restaurants prospective owner. The research and results in this report mitigate potential risks leading to losses in the restaurant based on the location chosen. Last time we had opted to open the restaurant in a location that was remote before we later noticed that the area had little traffic of people and cars. After close analysis, it was evident that the suitable location had to be busy from morning to evening. Correspondingly, the restaurant aims to work throughout and the first location would not have favored our goals. (Walker, 2014)

Secondly, the space needs to be adequate to fit all requirements without being too congested. The prospect owner is looking for a location that can accommodate 15 clients at a time. This means the sitting space should be a minimum of 75metres square. I recommended the owner purchase a piece of land about 120 meters square to accommodate seating and kitchen space. The prospective owner requested we select a site accessible from the nearest road exits and after conducting in-depth research, I was able to come up with a list of favorable locations. (Arduser, 2002)

Thirdly, I compared the prices of the shortlisted locations and chose the best feasible site. Lastly, the report has more details about the location including its security and competitor analysis.

In conclusion, this report has detailed analysis of the best location to set up the restaurant after conducting thorough research finding the best site.


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