Sample Management Coursework Paper on Hotel and Lodging Operations

Hotel and Lodging Operations

Upon making a call to the hotel, the reservationist picked it within the first two rings. This was commendable. Her soft and appealing tone proved her expertise in customer relations. However, she failed to identify herself but rather went ahead to ask how she could assist me. It would be important for the reservationist to identify herself so that as a guest I could refer to her in case of any concern, upon my arrival at the hotel. She also failed to mention the name of the reservation. It is important for reservationists to mention the name of the reservation upon receiving calls to assure the caller that he/she made the call to the right place (Chon & Maier, 2010). The reservationist commendably gave important information concerning the reservations available, as well as requesting for information that concerned me. For instance, she inquired to know the kind of reservation that I needed and the number of people for whom reservation was to be made. She also asked for my details including my name, my address and my phone number.

Substantial information was offered concerning the prices for different rooms and discounts to be offered and the criteria. Such information attracts customers to make reservations at the hotel (Baker, Bradley & Huyton, 2000). Information concerning the features of the rooms was however not given. The reservationist explained the methods of payment, where I was also required to pay half the cost of my desired room to book my reservation. She also explained that the money was not refundable in case of cancellation of the reservation as per the reservation policy. This policy enables the hotel to avoid losing total revenue for specific reservations when customers fail to turn up. Though not adequate, the information given was satisfactory and the reservationist was skilful in communicating, as she was polite and courteous.

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