Sample Management Coursework Paper on Food and Nutrition

Food and Nutrition

            Healthy living is influenced by various factors such as the type of food consumed in terms of nutritional value, hygiene and exercise. In today’s world, the society has changed and people do not have enough time to prepare meals at home due to the busy schedules. To resolve this, there are many fast food restaurants located at strategic points such as near fueling stations learning institutions. The restaurants supply a variety of foods and drinks that have adverse impacts on health. The high calories in these foods may lead to weight gain and other health complications. In response to this, the consumers are more sensitive to the nutritional value of their foods. The demand for more nutritious foods has increased over time and the restaurants have adjusted accordingly. This paper discusses the nutrition menu of Wendy’s, McDonalds, and KFC fast food restaurants and recommends the best food for people who wish to lose weight. It highlights the nutritional value of the foods by comparing the level of calories, fat and sodium. The extent to which the food is affordable is compared among the three restaurants as well.

            Dave Thomas founded the Wendy’s restaurant in the late 1960s and it has grown to more than six thousand restaurants globally. The reason for the expansion of these restaurants is the quality assurance. The company holds that quality is its main recipe and this has been maintained over the decades. McDonalds is another restaurant where quality has been the driving force for more than 55 years. It has branches all over the world and offers good customer services. Quality has also been at the core of KFC restaurants business. It ensures that the ingredients used in the meals meet the right quality standards. For instance, the animals used such as chicken must meet the required animal health standards. It is evident that the restaurants strive to ensure that the customers get the best satisfaction. Each restaurant tries to stay ahead of the competitors by meeting the customer needs as they arise.  Majority of customers in the modern times are aware of the health implications of the fast foods and thus favors foods that have information on their nutrition. The restaurants therefore have the obligations of providing nutritional information in terms of the quantities of calories, fats, sodium, and other components of the foods.

            Although the three fast food restaurants offer the same types of foods, there is a different in the quantity of fats, calories and sodium content in the foods. The cost of their foods is also different depending on the type of food one takes. The method of cooking and type of foods is also different. However, all the three restaurants have a common item in their nutrition menu, that is, grilled chicken. The preparation of chicken may make it more or less harmful to the body. For instance, grilled chicken is better than fried one because it contains less fat.

            Calories, fat and sodium are all important elements in a diet but too much of the elements can be harmful to the body. It is therefore important to make sound decisions with regards to food choices. The grilled chicken at Wendy’s has a calories level of 270, at McDonalds the level is 370 and at KFC 300. This clearly shows that the foods are similar but they differ in the calories composition (ACalorieCounter n.pag.).

            Calories are useful to the body for generation of energy but excessive consumption can lead to an increased level of cholesterol in the body. This causes health problems such as diabetes, obesity and it may affect the central nervous system, leading to depression. Based on the three restaurants, it is advisable for one to take the grilled chicken from Wendy’s as it has a lower level of calories. At KFC, the quantity of fat per serve in the grilled chicken is 3.3 grams while at McDonalds and Wendy’s is 6 and 4.3 grams respectively. The importance of fat in the body is the absorption of vitamins and helps in forming healthy skin and hair. However, fats can be harmful if consumed in large quantities since they may lead to complications such as skin and bone diseases. Based on the case of the three restaurants, a person who aims at losing weight should go for the chicken at KC as it has low fat (Siebert n.pag.).

            Sodium is an important component in one’s health because it helps in prevention of illnesses such as goiter. However, when consumed in large quantities sodium can lead to high blood pressure. At McDonalds, the amount of sodium in the chicken is 850 milligrams while that of KFC and Wendy’s is 542 and 900 per serve respectively. The cost of the chicken at KFC is $ 5.66; the same chicken goes for $4.99 at McDonalds and $4.69 at Wendy’s. Although it is important to consider the cost of the foods, the most important factor is how the foods will aid in weight loss. There are hidden costs in foods that have high levels of calories, fat and sodium because of the adverse health impacts (ACalorieCounter n.pag.).

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