Sample Management Coursework Paper on Communication Strategies

Communication Strategies

In an organization, communication is an essential tool that enhances it the organizational operations. Various situations require different strategies in communication in order to ensure that the deliberate message is conveyed in the most suitable form to the designated audience to achieve the desired objectives (Argenti, Howell& Karen,2005).  Top level management may make a decision that requires to be communicated to the employees; for instance, they may introduce personnel change initiatives and the decision that they arrive at should be relayed to the other members of staff. As the communications director, this message requires some restructuring in order to fit the targeted audience and this paper provides some aspects that should be considered in conveying this information.

Employees receive organizational changes news differently; others are fearful, others are anxious, others are resistant while others may portray unproductive behaviors. Actually, personnel changes may trigger fear and a lot of anxiety in the organization. Therefore, the communications director needs break the news as soon as possible to avoid employees receiving rumors and backlash.Firstly, the communicator should map the present situation when relaying the information to the employees. This means ensuring that each person understands where the organization currently stands and where the leaders want to take it(Argenti, Howell & Karen, 2005). He or she should appreciate the employees for any positive achievement in the firm. Secondly, the employees need to know the goals, importance, their role and impact, and the required resources of the change initiative. The information conveyed should include the expected time to actualize the changes and the affected departments or persons. This aids in ending doubts and the feeling of being a victim by the employees. The message should clearly show support to the employees during this period. After relaying this information, feedback is instrumental in understanding the reception from the employees. The communications director needs to set up avenues that employees can ask questions, air out their concerns and receive immediate response. Therefore, these are the actions needed when formatting this piece of information before breaking it to the employees.


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