Sample Management Case Studies Paper on Tiger Surgical Supplies

Tiger Surgical Supplies


Ease of Doing Business Ranking (World Bank)3178397
Corruption Perception Index, Score & Rank (Transparency)R- 26, S- 69R- 119, S- 31R- 103, S- 35R- 17, S-74
Legal System (CIA Factbook)Civil Law (CL); administrative rather than legislative actsEuropean-style Civil Law System (CLS)CLW with Judicial Review on Legislative Acts (JRLA)State Legal System with JRLA
Government (CIA Factbook)RepublicCommunist StateFederal RepublicStrong Democratic Follow-up
Official Languages (CIA Factbook)100% French Spanish (92.7%), Spanish and Indigenous Languages (5.7%)English (79.2%), Spain (12.9%) and others 8.1%
Religions (CIA Factbook)Christianity (66%), Muslim (9%), Jewish (7.5), Buddhist (7.5%) Roman Catholic (82.7%), Pentecostal (1.6), Jehovah’s Witness 1.4%  and others 14.5%Protestant (51.3%), Roman Catholic 23.9%, others 25%

2. Was the decision to use a Joint-Venture in Vietnam with a local company justified? Explain why or why not?

The decision regarding the usage of a Joint-Venture in Vietnam with a local company was not justified. This is because the assumptions among other reason arrived when deciding to this move never materialized. The decision relied on the low labor cost and transportation of imports to Southeast Asian countries, good government relations and motivation of Vietnamese workers never materialized.

3. Was hiring Philippe Desmarest to lead the joint venture justified? Explain why or why not?

The hiring of Philippe Desmarest was justified. This is because he was the only person who had shown competence by realizing success in the negotiation he led between these particular authorities for some years. Therefore, he was considered the best candidate who could negotiate with the other Vietnamese.

4. Was Phillipe’s choice to hire Nguyen Tam Chien as the plant manager justified? Explain why or why not?

The choice to hire Nguyen Tam Chien in this particular position was justified. The justification is drawn in the fact that he had the urge as a patriotic citizen to serve his country, and more so he had a quality education that fitted the duties that he was assigned to undertake as the new plant manager.

5. What was the incentive program that was implemented? Explain why it was a good idea or not?

The incentive program that was implemented entailed providing internal promotion for those workers who showed improved productivity, both qualitative and quantitative. In this case, they would now work very hard with the objective of realizing the set goals so as to be promoted. The incentive was not a good idea since all the workers in the organization were Vietnamese who operated under the communist system; discouraging the idea of investing a lot of efforts and resources for individual gain.

6. What would you have done differently if you were in charge of this project from the very beginning? Consider such subjects as organization structure, negotiating, managing, motivating, staffing, mitigating corruption, etc.

If I were the one in charge if this project from the beginning, I would come with motivation factors that would see the employees putting a lot of efforts. In this case, I would come with incentives meant for communal gain, since the workers were from a communist society. On the other hand, I would provide the necessary freedom within the firm, bringing all the employees to participate in the decision-making process, respecting each worker’s view thereby motivating them. Also, I would design a lateral organizational structure to ease communication flow between the employees as the different departments within the organization.