Sample Literature Review Paper on How to Avoid Gender Discrimination at the Workplace


Gender discrimination is an act of treating persons or an individual unequally based on their
gender in place of capabilities and individual skills. Below are some of the things to do to avoid
Gender Discrimination.

Teaching the workers about Gender Discrimination

Most of the workers could be lacking this vital knowledge. As a result, when acts of
gender discrimination arise, they end up having no clue. Thus they won't make adjustments.
Therefore, making sure that workers know what gender discrimination looks like and how to do
away with it is paramount. Assemble events and seminars to inform workers about gender
equality at the place of work. To reinforce these seminars and workshops, engage speakers
outside the working premises to conduct teachings on gender discrimination at work (Lin and
Chun-Hung 279) in line with the teachings, and make sure they as well know what not
discrimination is. Such as asking a workmate to lunch or appreciating acts.

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Call out to Gender Bias in the Workplace When It Happens

Whether it is a dismissed opinion or an unpleasant joke during tea break or lunchtime,
gender bias, insult, and disrespect need to be addressed when they happen (Barton, Dominic, and
Lareina 121). Such will increases awareness of what gender discrimination sounds or looks like.
Also, it presents an opportunity of teaching employees what is all about sound treatment in the

The payment done to the workers should be evaluated to enhance the proper pay
structure. In this case as the employer, you are aware of any disparity that might conform within.
An equal amount of payment so long as the workers have worked for the same job (Walby, 29).
Where men are considered for pay raises, women also should be encouraged to go after the

As a result of this, the employer will manage to be aware of any model, inconsistencies,
or apparent discrimination that might exist. Having acknowledged this, the employer will take
steps of making the compensation system more continuous and reflective of uniform pay for
uniform work.

Set up Mentoring Programs.

Occasionally, just encouraging women is not enough in the workplace. Many of them
require additional guidance and knowledge to attain their career aspirations (Roper, e00019). It is
noted that mentoring programs give women and minorities a shining spotlight and assist them to
ascend their professional ladder out of the skills, networks, and organizational knowledge.

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Mentoring influences a feeling of wholeness that makes women feel more linked and engaged
with their place of work.

Keeping the place of work safe.

By ensuring that the employees are aware that their voices are being listened to and as
well their safety is achieved at work. In case of complaints from an employee, it would be safe if
e or she works in a different place from the accused while you are investigating the complaint
(Crouch, 148).


Even though it's a process that requires a lot of effort, organizations are proceeding with
steps to come up with solutions to gender discrimination in the places of work. To reach or get
close to gender equality through, diligent and consistent work needs to be done.

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