Sample Literature Review Paper on Advantages of the Girl Story Advice

Girl, as titled, is an advice short story from a caring mother to her daughter. From the
very start, mother to girl persona; relationships have been worn out as a lady's freedom has
occurred. Numerous moms have the "older style" assessment of what a lady ought to be. The
short story "Girl" by Jamaica Kincaid is an excellent representation of this relationship. The topic
in "Girl" emphatically proposes that a lady ought to be homegrown, and there is a sure way that
she should act. Numerous senior ladies feel that a lady's part in life is to be trained. The topic of
young lady builds up this assessment. The third individual perspective places a significant factor
in supporting the possibility that a lady's place is in the home. The account is introduced as a
bunch of life guidelines to a young lady by her mom to live appropriately in Antigua with
various benefits ideal for life. Thus, the piece presents an insight into manipulating your
environment to evade the surrounding challenges while reflecting the path of a woman when
building their mental wellbeing.
The story is an essential piece in teaching a person, especially a girl, how to live in
different surroundings that define their wellbeing. Jamaica Kincaid is, by all accounts, the
detached storyteller, accepting the guidelines from her mom on the best way to live in their
current group environment. The mother figure centers around two primary classifications in her
direction, social habits, and home life. Without a doubt, most girls are challenged on how to live
in such settings when left to lead their life of choice. Her mother is even aware of the boys'

character in their neighborhood, referring to them as wharf-rat. This warns ladies and the entire
youth generation to monitor their company and choose friends wisely.
Written in 1978, Kincaid portrays the musings and good convictions of her mom through
her advice as she shapes a future woman. In Girl, Kincaid utilizes redundancy of the expression
"slut" to accentuate that her mom didn't need her to foster a terrible good standing. The mother is
underlining that the way that a lady strolls decides her sexual history. Indeed, a woman should
conduct themselves well to be recognized as mature and productive in society in the future. By
and by, this emphasizes that a lady should act in a specific method not to be judged (Kincaid 1).
Being set in the ancient period, women were undermined and judged easily, calling for the elders
to teach children, particularly girls, how to carry themselves in society. Therefore, the piece has
attained this as it shapes the girl in the story on how to conduct herself well in the community to
avoid being judged easily as was expected.
Finally, this piece offers a mother's advice to her daughter, which builds her social
wellbeing and mental stand. Her mother touches on the idea of abortion, which is a common vice
even in contemporary society. Later in the portrayal, however, are her mom's justification on
fetus removal, "this is how to make a decent medication to discard a fetus before it even turns
into a child" (Kincaid 2). It shows that while the mother taught her moral standards, she likewise
comprehended that things happen to a young lady. The pragmatic idea of this guidance appears
to offer more present-day thought while as yet living in the general public of customs. Indeed,
the scene helps to gather reality and drive in a young-minded lady who is growing to face the
same in her settings.
In summary, the short story provides a means of manipulating the surrounding of a girl
through a reflection of the mother, ideal for building their mental welfare. The advice is a

mother's way of ensuring that her daughter has the tools that she needs to survive as an adult.
The fact that the mother takes the time to train the daughter in the proper ways for a lady to act in
their culture is indicative of their familial love; the fact that there are so many rules and moral
principles that are being passed to the daughter indicates that mother and daughter spend a lot of
time together. The reader gets the impression that the advice that the mother gives her daughter
has been passed. Social values held to be important in human society are effectively portrayed in
literature. Through literary works, individuals/writers can express their subjective interpretations
of life and social reality as they experience it.


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