Sample Literature Paper on American Violet Video Worksheet

American Violet Video Worksheet

How Does the movie begin?

The movie begins when Dee, a single mum is preparing her kids for day by preparing them breakfast. On the other side the drugs taskforce is preparing for the big raid in melody county.  They wait for the orders from the taskforce boss who arrives later. Dee takes her four girls to her mum’s and heads to work. Later on, the raid arrests begin (American V. 01-05).


  1. Who is Dee? (Tell me about her) (2 points)

She is a single mother of four girls aged Sherice eight, Sharonda five, Laquisha four and, Tanya two. She is a hardworking woman as we the community around her attest to. This is also shown when she goes looking for jobs after her wrongful arrest. Dee is a relentless woman who decides to put her future on the line just to force out unlawful raids from D.A and at least try correct the justice system. She is a woman of faith as we can see when tribulations get the better of her, she goes to church to pray. She is also a courageous mother who will do anything for her kids. She even fights her ex-husband who forcefully takes two girls away.


  1. Why does Dee think she is getting arrested?

Dee thinks she is getting arrested for not paying her parking tickets amounting to 700 dollars. Her employer at the diner opts to pay them for her but turns out that’s not the reason for her arrest. Her mom is shocked when she tells her this and only after being arraigned in court that she discovers that the parking tickets aren’t in question (American V, 12:41).


  1. What did the policemen at the gun range say about the raid?

They tell Sam that the locals were running everywhere like cockroaches after being subject to a burning torch. They also say that D.A Beckett enjoys flying around with the helicopter which shows that it scares the community out (American V, 09:55)


  1. What crime is Dee charged with?

Ms. Dee is charged with distributing narcotics in the school zone.


  1. What happens at the meeting in the jail between Dee, her Public Defender, and the Prosecutor? (2 points)

After being read what she is charged with by the assistant D.A, Ms. Dee tries to argue her case out and she is told to shut up and listen to what the prosecutors offers. I think they are exercising her rights to remain silent so that the prosecutor does not use the proceeds in court. The public defender asks the D.A for a min and they step out. They come back with a plea arrangement for her to plead guilty of the crimes before her for a lesser sentence.


  1. What was the plea deal Dee was offered and what would be the consequence of not accepting it? (2 points)

She was to plead guilty for possession and intent to distribute, Get a ten-year suspended sentence, and a small fine. She also had the chance to go home that same day. The consequences of not accepting the deal were either post bail of 70,000 dollars, or stay in custody and await trial in almost 6 months. After trial if she was found guilty, she could do jail time of 16-25 years in prison.


  1. What did Dee’s mom tell her to do?

Dee’s mum told her to take the deal. From her view she saw that it was better taking the deal and be by her daughters’ side while they grew up.


  1. What happens when Dee tries to get her job back?

At the diner, her employer could not give her, her job back because she was not able to keep up fight form the district attorney’s office after they visited her not once but twice. She reasoned with Dee that it was better that way (American V, 36:46)


  1. What happens at the meeting at the church? Who comes to the meeting? (2 points)

The events at the church are incited when Sherice gets into a fight with one of the kids at the church for calling her mom a drug dealer (American V, 19:43). The poster calls inn a meeting and in attendance are Joe Fisher of Baylor Law school, and David Cohen from the ACLU. Mr. David argues its time to try and correct the ill systems in place for a better society. They decide to help take up a case from the raid (American V,24:49)


  1. What does the ACLU say about:
  2. the raids– He says that the raids are all over the country terrorizing poor people and specifically people of color. The raids use military tactics and harsh drugs laws.
  3. money- Their main motivation of doing the raids is getting the federal money is usually disbanded to go to counties that close these cases quickly.
  4. plea bargains- The accused are aggressively pushed to accept pleas so as these cases can be closed soonest possible


  1. What does the pastor say is the problem with Texas law when he is talking with the ACLU lawyer?

He says that the system is an abomination where poor black folks are easy picks for law enforcers. He goes ahead and tells the lawyer Mr. Cohen that the D.A around melody is a king, The white folks vote for him, and the black ones are either lazy or felons they can vote. This makes it hard for justice to be served considering the year Beckett has served as D.A (American V, 27:51)

  1. What is your impression of Dee’s public defender (David Higgins)? Does he seem like he is on her side?

His interests are not with Ms. Dee. He is also a lazy racist public defender. He doesn’t put in any effort to at least give Ms. Dee a fighting chance while in court. There are no discussions about bail and even goes ahead and suggests a plea deal. Later on, when Ms. Dee sues the D. A’s office, he goes on to show his incompetence when he loses the audio tape and the arrest warrants which are key evidences on Ms. Dee’s case.

  1. Why does Dee decide to sue?

This because ever since she was a kid the police have been doing the raids and now it has even come to her kid’s time. Another motivating factor is that they wrongly accused her for something she did not do and locked her in jail for 21 days. They came to her first so she had to retaliate. She also has to make an effort to stop it and pleading guilty won’t stop the harassments from going on (American V, 43:37)

  1. What does Sam say Beckett will do?

Sam Advices Dee that filing a suit against the D.A will make him change his plans yes but will also motivate him to come at her even harder. He is already in power and he will use that power to make sure that the suit doesn’t succeed.


  1. What happens to the new job Dee gets?

When Dee finds a new job, while at work Mr. Beckett comes in and asks for the owner of the restaurant Cisco and goes on to have a word with him (American V, 1:01:08). Guessing from the way Dee is summoned after him leaving suggest that cisco was threatened and Dee ends up losing her job.


  1. What percent of Drug Task Force arrests in Melody were of African Americans?

From the statistics given by David at the church, over 95% of the arrests were African Americans.


  1. What happened for the Judge to order Beckett and the city to settle the case?

There was a video of his ex-wife and daughter admitting that D.A Beckett was a racist. They went ahead and confessed of how him and his drinking buddies called African Americans ‘Niggahs’ and how he would even shout at black kids when they came outside their lawn.


  1. What happened when Beckett ran for re-election?

He was re-elected as D.A for Harmon County. According to the film he is still the D.A


  1. What changes in Texas law happened because Dee sued?

The raids from the police stopped

There were amends on the dependency of one informant to be insufficient for an indictment.


  1. How many people are in prison in the United States?

According to the film, around 2.3 million people are in imprisoned


  1. What percentage of them went to prison because of plea bargains?

90 % of the 2.3 million.