Sample Literature Movie Review Paper on Anna Karenina

Anna Karenina

Based on Leo Tolstoy’s film, Anna Karenina, the film provides a preview into the life of a woman, Anna who is promiscuous and unfaithful in love story that ends tragically due to her failure to control her life as a result of the passion she has in her life, the lady finds it difficult to maintain a steady association for the sake of the people in her life who she is affectionate about but forsaking the society’s moral provisions but rather decides to pursue her feelings for being loved which result to rejection from her family as her husband stops her from seeing their son while on the other side her accomplices also fail to go by her demands leaving her in solitude.

Told in a more captivating and mind gripping style, the film takes an emotional twist which torments Anna as she struggles to find happiness of herself while at the same time pursuing her husband so that she might see him soon. The story unfolds slowly with a number of subplots that are presented carefully and creatively intriguing the characters presenting them as individuals who explore different characteristics in the efforts to illuminate the plot for a longer period of time.

As per the plot of the film, real life events are presented revealing that there has been no great change when comparing life during days when the film was produced (1967) and the life today. More specifically women have been found to have repetitive instances as compared to men because, these women have varied troublesome predicament that is coupled with evocative climatic change that have resulted in evocative actions as well as dramatic plot that keeps the audience thrilled.