Sample Literature Essay Paper on Song: To Celia

Song: To Celia

The theme of the poem is love, precisely unrequited love. The persona in the poem has dire love for a woman, Celia. He recently sent her a wreath of flowers, though she returned them to the sender. However, the flowers do not wither and continue to grow, owing to her ‘breath of life’ on them. The metaphor of drinking is majorly used in the poem. The unquenched thirst represents the love the persona has for Celia, with drinking representing the reciprocation of the love. Quenching the thirst represents reciprocation of the love, therefore relating directly to the major theme of the poem. The metaphor is an effective elucidation of the overall major theme of the poem, explaining the situation of the persona, and his dire need for love from the love of her life, Celia.

Paradise Lost

In Milton’s “Paradise Lost,” Satan depicts a number of heroic character traits, despite his immorality and evil nature. The greatest elucidation of his heroism is the success he achieves in corrupting humankind, after managing to overcome all his weaknesses and doubts. He succeeds in his mission, making him a hero, despite his evil cause. A hero achieves what he has set out in life, and thus the achievement of Satan’s goal makes him a hero in Paradise Lost. Another depiction of the heroic nature of Satan is his bravery and lack of fear to the threats of being punished by God, and being damned eternally. He is uncowed by the terrifying chaos of death by God; making him a hero in the book. He is unafraid of the consequences of his actions, making him an achiever of his set objectives, and thus a hero, despite his evil nature.