Sample Literature Essay Paper on Role of Kaikeyi

Ramayana is a symbolic story in which “protection (dharma) reigns supreme over evil. Each of the character in Ramayana plays a vital role in influencing the life of the other characters. Kaikeyi, who is Rama’s stepmother, is the most influential of all characters. She is the main reason why Rama goes on a forced exile (vanvaas). She is also behind the kidnapping of Sita. Kaikeyi, through the influence of her servant Manthra, stopped Rama’s crowning ceremony, which resulted in him going on a 14-year long exile (Dwivedi and Soni 27).The depiction of Kaikeyi’s character acts as an illustration of the influence that karma has on our lives. Before birth, every soul is given a specific role and it bears some unique karma for the people that come in contact with it. Such karma could be either good or bad depending on the effects it has on their lives. Kaikeyi was responsible for the exile of Rama. Before her birth she was charged with this responsibility and thus is hated by not only the people of that era but also by future generations. While she took all the hatred, she also became a key component in shaping the future generations as well (Dwivedi and Soni 28). She was the sole reason for establishing Rama as one of the noblest men on Earth, in addition to eradicating all the evil from the Earth (Dwivedi and Soni 29). Thus, it should be understood that all the souls who enter our lives come for a reason; either they come to teach us a lesson or to change the course of our lives. We may feel the pain but at the same time ought to look at the larger picture of the greater good it could do us.

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