Sample Literature Essay Paper on Compare and Contrast the Representation of God in the two creation stories in Genesis 1-3

God’s character is represented in various ways all through biblical text. Each account of the text represents a unique character to the almighty being. As such, accounts of God in the creation stories are the first encounter in understanding God’s character. However, the creation stories paint in the book of genesis paint a contrasting picture. This is the case in genesis chapter one and chapter two and three.

In genesis chapter one, God is represented as all-powerful caring being. He creates the world, heavens, sea and earth creatures as well as humanity within six days. In doing this, He asks that all these creatures multiply and fill the earth. In the same chapter, the scripture depicts a God who likes order. This is shown when He creates man. In doing so, He grants man the power to rule over all other creatures. This is a form of administration. It is after all this that he sees that all is good and rests on the seventh day. This is as a reward to the hard work of creation over the last six days.

The subsequent chapters 2 and three however paint a different picture. In these chapters, god creates a companion (woman) for the man. In the same chapter, the woman is tricked into sin by the serpent. Once God realizes the sin, He punishes the man, woman and snake. The punishments imposed portray a being who is merciless and swift in punishment. This is in great contrast to the image portrayed in the preceding chapter. God’s actions in here are in contrast to His caring nature in chapter one.

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