Sample Literature Essay Paper on After Apple-Picking by Robert Frost

After Apple-Picking poem is about a reflection of the happenings in modern societies and how most of the individuals do not live to their dream. Moreover, the poem reflects on the real-life of Frost, indicating the writer’s life activities that tend to haunt his memories (Gale 205). Therefore, the author uses poetic elements like connotation and imagery to help the reader comprehend the issues he has not done during his life period.


The writer uses the imagery of a ladder and tree that is visible in the orchard to denote the religious connection among Christians. Furthermore, the harvest is incorporated in the poem to represent growth and development whereby, the apples gathered are the positive attributes achieved by Frost (Su 78). Additionally, buckets filled with apples serve as the significant success achieved by the writer in which the apples are used to indicate the activities of the poet. However, the fallen apples are the undertakings that were not accomplished by Frost and are stuck in his memory. Cider symbolizes the wrong turns in life Frost has to take at the expense of the right decision. The play takes place in a fall to show the significant changes that result from capitalism.

Significance of Sleep

Sleep has been used as imagery to signify the transition between the real and the dead world (Gale 201). Frost connects the heavens and the earth with a two-pointed ladder sticking through the trees whereby, he observes sleep as the avenue to death. Hence, sleep is integrated to represent death.

The author uses elements such as symbolism and imagery to reflect the real happenings in modern society. For instance, the harvest is incorporated to represent one’s achievements before one death (sleep). Additionally, the fallen apples are some of the unaccomplished undertakings by the writer whereas; cider is the wrong act that did not result in any success.

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