Sample Leadership Studies Paper on Promoting Professional Learning Project: Building Teacher Capacity for Continuous Improvement

Promoting Professional Learning Project: Building Teacher Capacity for Continuous Improvement

General Instructions

As an instructional leader, you have the tremendous responsibility to help build teacher capacity through collaborative and individual learning aligned with school improvement goals. In this assignment, you will create and lead a collaborative professional learning meeting and then plan future opportunities for both teams and individuals.

1. Collaborate with school administration and/or teachers who serve on the leadership team (or those who are grade level leaders or department leaders) on the school improvement goals (you may consider the goals in your Signature Project from what was identified as a need from the data collection and analysis). Talk about what professional learning is currently being done that could be built upon, how constructive feedback is provided to teachers, and what needs to be done to help teachers improve instructional practices and improve student learning.

2. With the school administration, look at the master schedule and school’s professional development calendar to see what may need to be changed to create more time for teachers to have collaborative planning, data analysis, and opportunities to do peer observations and peer coaching. Write a summary of what you will advocate with the school district or administration.

3. Research five (5) current sources (at least two articles have to be from peer-reviewed journals; others may be electronic resources) on how to provide for the diverse learning needs of adults. What have others been doing that has been successful to provide varied and differentiated professional learning? What technologies are being used in schools to promote collaborative and differentiated professional learning? You will briefly summarize each source (one to two paragraphs) and then in one-two additional paragraphs tell what you will use in your school. Look for emerging education, economic, and social trends others use in planning and facilitating effective professional

4. With the administration or lead teachers, plan and lead a collaborative team meeting. This can be a grade level meeting, a department meeting, or a PLC meeting. The meeting should have the following components:

a. Have student data available and sufficient time for data analysis.
b. Share research-based strategies to help improve teaching and student learning.
c. Provide some type of differentiated activities in the meeting.
d. Give the teachers the survey you created to evaluate the meeting. Share a written account of results in your assignment submission along with a graphical display of the results (chart or graph).

5. After the meeting, construct a plan for the next two months of professional learning. As you plan, think of individual as well as collaborative, team-based opportunities aligned with content standards and related to school improvement goals. Job-embedded
opportunities as well as group meetings should be considered. Also, be thinking of how to provide differentiated learning.
Page 2 of 4 Format for Final Submission of Your Experience:

1. Interview
a. Describe those with whom you collaborated and what you discussed. What did you learn that you will use?

2. Master Schedule Evaluation
a. What is currently available for individual or collaborative professional learning?
b. For what will you advocate to create time for more opportunities?

3. Research
a. Summarize your five (5) sources on leading professional learning including effective technologies to help you facilitate this.

4. Meeting Agenda
a. Share your agenda (Give clear details of what you and others did at each stage of the agenda. The purpose of this is to let your instructor know what you did since he or she cannot be there to observe your meeting. Thanks)
b. Give a reflection of the meeting
c. Share survey results (chart or graph)

5. Future Plan
a. Tell what you will do for the next two months to continue to work on the same school improvement goal(s).