Sample Leadership Studies Paper on Personal Leadership Development Plan

Personal Leadership Development Plan


Service is necessary for me as a leaderto set a good example that will be emulated by the rest of the organization’s fraternity. I will ignore all personal interests and serve for the sake off the organization’s success.

Honesty and Integrity are attributes present in few leaders. I want to work as a straightforward leader who tells the truth to all stakeholders in order for me not to compromise the position of the organization.

Moral Courage is a concept that will help manage the pressures and work demands that accompany the leadership role. It will improve my problem-solving ability in the face of adversity

Humility is essential to make other people feel valued, accommodated and appreciated. A proud and egoistic leader discourages the employees because they find him/her inapproachable even on crucial matters.

Expertise is necessary to bring value to the organization. It is only through knowledge and skills about the work needed that productivity will be realized. Professional development will be crucial to increase expertise in understanding the market demands and changing public opinion of the organization.


I envision being the type of leader who exhibits transformational leadership style that seeks to motivate and uplift the people around me. I also want to be a humble and selfless leader who prioritizes the demands of my duty over self. All the hard work and active participation in the organization’s activities will be aimed at exercising my personal attributes to bring positive change.


I am a critical thinker. I look at every situation in a fresh perspective and analyze complexities in the simplest challenges. I like sharing my mind with other people to understand their perspective on the particular matter, evaluate the ambiguities and consider the immediate and long-term consequences of the situation.

I have good communication skills. My ability to inform and listen to other people, to include and engage them in conversations and to persuade and influence their standing on matters is incredible. I discovered these skills through class discussions, and also realized that I am tolerant to criticism because it helps me to learn from my mistakes.

I am very social. I connect and establish rapport with a wide range of people in both external and internal environments of the organization. A lot of my time is invested in establishing fruitful relationships. This strength has enabled me to efficiently handle conflicts and successfully assume negotiation roles without damaging relationships. 

I have the innate character of a perfectionist which is my greatest weakness. It makes the people around me to feel intimidated because I always want a perfect outcome. This character may damage my relationships with lighthearted employees.

The other weak area is that I love being praised. For instance; I am a workaholic and I feel that this character is good even though some of my colleagues may not approve of it. I love being appreciated as hardworking.

My most conspicuous weakness is the fact that I am emotional. I sympathize with people a lot. I rarely get angry but once am annoyed I do not talk to anyone. I will really need to improve this area of weakness because realize that some people deliberately annoy me.


I plan to continue to exhibit better communication skills all the time through practicing to be a better listener. I will attend workshops, seminars and extend the scope of my friends to include interethnic fellows. Although emotions are nurtured, I will need to improve my temperament through learning to ignore annoying situations. My perfectionism is somewhat an advantage because it will give the best result for the organization. It has worked severally to my advantage in scoring good academic grades and it will definitely be effective in getting good results in the organization.