Sample Leadership Studies Essay Paper on Gender Equality

Gender equality is an important factor of consideration for the growth and development of any country. The modern democratic nature of economies is advocating for gender equality both at the leadership front as well as in the economy. It should be noted that there are organizations which are promoting gender equality by adopting Human Resource (HR) practices that promote the inclusion of the female gender in respective economies. These are organizations that operate at a global level with a market coverage spanning more than a hundred countries. Nonetheless, this discussion aims at addressing gender equality at Google LLC which practices modern leadership by employing individuals of both gender without any traces of discrimination.  

Google LLC is a leading tech-firm which is based in the United States and it deals with the internet market where it provides a number of services. The services are mostly software-based and online advertisements where client firms are provided with a platform to market their product. Google LLC, as noted above, practices fairness in recruitment as it ensures that both female and male employees are treated with equal measures of respect and dignity. Google LLC is one of the few multinational corporation that sensitizes the importance of female inclusion in the overall performance of an economy. This firm is accurate in ensuring that leadership policies are implemented effectively without gender favors or biased condemnation.

Personal interests to work with the company arises from the recent leadership activities adopted by the firm’s top management. Google LLC handles its Public Relations (PR) with great care and this assures its employees of management accountability and transparency in leadership activities. This is proven by the fact that Google LLC does not support any utterances that would depict any form of discrimination – including gender. For example, the executive management of Google LLC dismissed one of its long-serving engineers for his utterances in a memo that attracted online uproar across the globe. The engineer stated that women are not fit to work in the tech-industry due to the technicality of this industry. As a response to that controversial statement, Google LLC was condemned for gender ignorance on its employment practices.

It would also be wise to note that there are other firms which find it difficult to promote gender equality and avoid discrimination against women. Such organizations are entangled in a cultural conflict which bars women from participating in any economic generating activity. For instance, the Gulf region has strong cultural beliefs which limit women participation in leadership positions and access to basic facilities and activities. These would include the freedom of speech as well as an opportunity to enjoy luxurious activities such as driving. On one hand, it would be difficult for a female professional to secure a decent employment opportunity in this region due to justified cultural beliefs that seclude women from a collective responsibility in building an economy.

The female gender has been discriminated for a long time due to cultural barriers that consider women as inactive members of an economy. When compared to developed nations such as the US, France and Germany, there are economies which do not value the contribution of women in an economy. This information era is a crucial indicator that collective responsibility will aid in ensuring that organizations perform exemplary due to the participation of both genders in production efforts of a given firm.