Sample Leadership Studies Essay Paper on Development Plan for key employees

Development Plan for key employees

The challenge

The primary challenge in this case is the anticipated employee transitions given that most if the senior executives are almost reaching their respective retirement ages. The CEO of Callan Games wants to secure the future of the company’s operations in the competitive a billion-dollar industry. The targeted employees are from the marketing team and include Aparna Fields and Nafissa Chambers.  The subsequent individual development plans are based on detailed interviewing of the selected employees on numerous issues.

1. Development Plan for Nafissa

Long-term goals: Marketing Manager Role
Short-term goal: Improving the marketing skills and core competence of the company
Specific GoalsObjectivesRequired ResourcesMeasurementTarget Date
Improving the marketing skillsWorking with the marketing team to create a professional and diligent work environment Listening to the varied needs and aspirations of the company’s consumers Enhancing the company’s market segmentDifferent medial platformsAggregating feedback from the consumers to ascertain the accurate level of satisfactionOngoing, measure in Q3
Improving communication skills among members of the marketing teamOrganizing staff training to improve the employees’ ability to engage the consumers Effective trainingFrequent review of individual performancesEnd of Q3
Improving management skillsUnderstanding essential procedures and individual responsibilities in the management of the customer basesTraining and workshopsAggregating feedback from senior management and clientsEnd of Q4
Gaining experience and knowledge on strategy planning Attend annual strategy and planning meetingsFlexible schedulesSuccessful participation in the strategy meetingsEnd of Q4

Table 1: A development plan for Nafissa Chambers

2. Development Plan for Aparna

Long-term goals: To hold senior managerial and executive positions related to marketing at the company
Short-term goal: Participate in the development of unique marketing strategies to help in attracting and retaining more consumers to the company
Specific GoalsObjectivesRequired resourcesMeasurementTarget date
Pursue an MBAGain admission to an MBA programs to enhance my managerial skills Reorganize my schedule particularly during weekends to attend the MBA classes Tuition fees and a flexible schedule My ultimate admission to an MBA programEnd of Q4
To gain CIO level of experience about marketingEffective management of product development projects Attending CIO seminars and internal meetingsRaising seminars’ feesParticipation in more CIO eventsEnd of Q3
Improving networking skillsAttend numerous meetings and conferences for the purpose of networking and gaining valuable knowledge concerning desirable industry standardsFlexible schedule Raising training feesSuccessful conclusion of the training programsEnd of Q4
Improving time management skills Participate in related training events to enhance my overall productivity and future prospects at the companyFlexible schedulesSuccessful conclusion of the training programsEnd of Q4

Table 2: A development plan for Aparna Fields

3. Succession Plan

The projected succession plan provides a comprehensive platform for the continued operation of essential management performances (Hall-Ellis, 2015). In particular, the plan will give detailed information on how best the company can proceed with its professional development and training plans for the two employees (Larsen, 2017). The plan indicates each of the employees’ strengths, areas of improvement, and next steps for improving and addressing related issues.

Key Positions and Department

Aparna Fields and Nafissa Chambers targets managerial and executive positions related to the marketing department at the company.

Identifying strengths and core competencies

Aparna Fields

  • Comprehensive industry and functional expertise
  • Acumen in customer-related issues
  • Effective problem-solving and adequate communication skills

Nafissa Chambers

  • Effective project management skills
  • Massive influence in the department
  • Intrinsic ability to drive and sustain positive results

Identifying areas of improvement

Aparna Fields

  • Improvement on the ability to lead efficient change processes
  • Improve strategic thinking skills
  • Improve functional acumen

Nafissa Chambers

  • Enhanced team development skills
  • Improve on listening and communication skills
  • Conflict resolution and strategic management

Identifying and assessing potential candidates

The company will base its decision on:

  • Level of motivation
  • Professional engagement
  • Personal and professional determination
  • Special insights
  • Passion about organizational growth and development

Next steps for improving and addressing related issues

  • Effective training programs
  • Increased employee engagement in organizational issues


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