Sample Leadership Studies Essay on Central Course Concept: Cultural Proficiency

Essay on Central Course Concept: Cultural Proficiency

This assignment has two parts:

• Part I: Please select three of the nine guiding principles of cultural proficiency and prepare an essay in which you explain the meaning of each of the principles and tell why you selected them. Analyze each principle articulating strengths and challenges to usage of each principle and connect each principle to one or more course readings. (30 points possible)

• Part II: Create a table or chart, outlining 2-3 examples of behaviors, attitudes, beliefs and values that professionals might display at each of the six points on the Cultural Proficiency Continuum. Some of your examples may be from the textbook, but please also include at least a few examples from your own experiences. There is no need to write full narrative paragraphs. (15 points possible)

Required Textbook:
Lindsey, R. B., Nuri-Robins, K., Terrell, R. D., & Lindsey, D. (2019). Cultural
proficiency: A manual for school leaders (4th ed.). Thousand Oaks, CA: Corwin.
Pages 117-130

Your grade will be based on whether you:
• Show a well-informed, basic understanding of multiple issues related to cultural proficiency in educational settings.
• Accurately and thoughtfully apply course concepts.
• Reflect a growing sense of your own practice as a reflective educator working toward cultural proficiency.
• Clearly write and organize your essay and include complete and correct APA citations for the ideas and quotations you include in your essay.