Sample Leadership Paper on Leadership and Educational Relationship

The Department of Education in China is Conducting a Study on Leadership and Educational Relationship. The Information is Being Gathered from the Students Learning in the Chinese Institution Aged between 18 to 25 years. Please Fill out these Open Ended Questions. Any Student who have Completed one Questionnaire in a Particular Class should not Do it Again. Thank You

  1. Why do schools require effective leadership style?
  2. To bring about the intended educational goals
  3. To promote job satisfaction among the teachers
  4. To encourage or help the learners together with the teachers.
  5. What kinds of leadership style use are effective in our educational institution?
  6. Distributed leadership
  7. Collaborative leadership
  8. Shared leadership
  9. What are the ways in which collaborative leadership style usage in our educational institution enhance learning?
  10. It helps the teachers in our organization to achieve effective and efficient education results
  11. It helps in building relationships among the teachers leading to shared control
  12. It enhances skills among the teachers in our institution
  13. Do you think that most of the teachers in our institution are collaborative in regards to the ways in which they deliver their work?
  14. Yes
  15. No
  16. Which are the ways in which existing leadership style in our institution promotes effectives among the teachers?
  17. It directs the ways in which the teachers behave
  18. It helps in fulfilling the roles of the teachers enabling them to function towards achieving job satisfaction by adopting different leadership behaviors.
  19. Is it necessary for teachers in our school to influence the students, parents and fellow teachers to show job satisfaction?
  20. Yes
  21. No
  22. If you think that teachers should influence the students, parents and fellow teachers, how can they achieve this?
  23. By performing their responsibilities as expected by the institutions
  24. By rewarding the students who perform well        
  25. By interacting positively with the students and parents
  26. What are the main impacts of the exiting leadership style used by teachers in your institution?
  27. It helps in promoting excellence among the teachers especially in regards to job satisfaction
  28. It maximize the potential of the teachers
  29. It prevents teacher from failing in their work
  30. Do you believe that supportive leadership style in education is as important as collaborative leadership style?
  31. Yes
  32. No
  33. What do you understand by supportive leadership style?
  1. This is the situation whereby teachers in our school support each other by working together
  2. It is when teachers decides to collaborate together to assist each other in improving the overall performance of the schools and students.
  3. Between supportive leadership style and collaborative leadership style which one do you think is most effective in our institution?
  4. Supportive leadership style
  5. Collaborative leadership style
  6. Do you think that all of our teachers in the institution are working towards bringing effectiveness in performance?
  7. No
  8. Yes
  9. What areyour thoughts regarding democratic leadership and autocratic leadership style, are they effective in education system?
  10. Yes
  11. No
  12. Do you believe that the school supervisors should involve the teachers in the planning process of school programs to demonstrate effective leadership such as trust and confidence?
  13. Yes
  14. No
  15. Should our school principle enforce the kind of leadership style that the teachers needs to adopt
  16. Yes
  17. No