Sample Law Paper on Crimes Rate in Ohio’s Universities 2012

Crimes Rate in Ohio’s Universities 2012

The total number of severe crimes in Ohio colleges reduced precipitously according to the 2012 statistics released under the federal laws. However, the figures showed that once again, data can be disingenuous and that universities frequently struggle with the law.  Therefore, this paper seeks to expound and unravel the crimes rates in Ohio colleges in 2012.

The previous research about crime in Ohio Universities has often expressed much concern on various kinds of crime that typically happens at the university and the environments. According to Morris (2014) statistics, the Ohio institutions are faced with many crimes of different kinds, and there is need to reduce and completely curb the crimes.

The question on dependability on crime statistics remains the better part of the previous research. The colleges have not been providing up-to-date data about various crimes that can help in planning effective measures to curb the crime menace in the university.

The research has provided various measures and suggestions that can be used to help lower the crime rates in the universities. For instance, the Clery research presented a comprehensive report that needs the universities to create the good-faith efforts that should encompass three different crimes such as stalking, domestic violence, and dating violence. According to Bober (2011), this was to lower these kinds of crimes since public universities within Ohio produced 84 reports of the crimes mentioned earlier in 2012. Therefore, this particular study needs to know if the colleges are committed to making reliable data that can help the police and the federal state to curb the crimes. This is essential since a learning institution should be an environment that is crime-free to enhance the process of learning. Reduction of the offense should form the core focus of what the police actions towards handling this crime issue.

The future research must explore ways that crime must be managed by providing comprehensive guidelines on how to execute such plans for attaining better learning environment.

In conclusion, crime is a grave threat to any education setting, and therefore, effective ways must be put in place to help curb the various crimes in Ohio’s Universities. Crimes of burglary, drug abuse violations, sex offenses, and liquor law violations must be controlled in Ohio’s Universities.

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