Sample Law Essay Paper on Law and Social Change

Q 1.

            Social change refers to a substantial alteration in behavior forms and traditional principles and norms, which takes place over time. Law can cause such significant alterations in very diverse ways such as passing laws that enhances stability to ensure conservation of social values and order. Certain laws such as those that allowed women to vote were enacted in order to promote justice and thus ensuring social fairness, promote order through the criminal justice system. Additionally, laws can bring about social change by enacting/ altering or repealing laws in a bid to provide freedom. A good example involves the repeal of laws that prohibited interracial marriages in such a manner that in the contemporary world, people have the liberty to marry from any race without having to worry about the law.

Q 2.

            The idea of law as a mechanism of social change challenges the role of law as providing stability and order in society. This is because of the fact that, the same laws that were made at a certain point to ensure stability and order in society are altered in order enhance their effectiveness in ensuring social fairness, justice, and order. Notably, some unfair laws that were imposed by the British had to be done away with in order to enact positive laws that protects all human beings irrespective of their social status or race. For instance, initially, there were laws that prohibited interracial marriages but as time went by, the same laws were changed in order to address the issue of racial discrimination. Besides, women were barred from casting voted in the early days but numerous social movements saw a change in laws and enacted laws that allowed women to vote.