Sample IT-Web Research Proposal Paper on Technology in Business

Technology in Business


            The topics of choice that Harrison Kirby should apply to his golf course with regards to IT are big data and knowledge management and wireless, mobile computing, and mobile commerce. Big data refers to large complex data that challenges the traditional data processing applications (Mayer-Schönberger, & Cukier, 2013). The process indulges the use of predictive analytics for value extraction from data and seldom limited to a particular set of data. Knowledge management on the other hand refers to the process of making the best use of knowledge in a bid to achieving organizational objectives. It is a process involving the development, capture, and effectively using knowledge in an organization.     

            Moreover, wireless refers to the transfer of information over a given range of points without the use of an electric conductor. For example, radio waves are used in wireless technology similar to television waves. A wireless network is also set up as a computer network that places in use wireless data connections for the connection of data nodes. It is mostly employed in business installations and telecommunication networks in a bid to scrap off the charges involved in the introduction of cables. Nonetheless, mobile computing involves human computer interaction, in this process a computer is transported. This process involves, mobile software, hardware and mobile communication. Lastly, mobile commerce is the process of using wireless handheld devices like laptops, phones to handle commercial transactions online. This term also includes the purchase and sale of goods and services. For example online banking and information banking are examples.

            This paper addresses wireless, mobile computing, mobile commerce, big data and knowledge management which Mr. Harrison Kirby should employ to his golf course business in order to beat the competition that he is facing. Mr. Kirby aims to employ the use of technology in his golf course business which is a small business. His agenda is to introduce and online system of handling around 150 of his products online.

Case Analysis and Discussion

            Mr. Kirby should employ big data in his firm as opposed to traditional data. Accuracy in big data management leads to more confident decision making which leads efficiency of operations and cost reductions(Mayer-Schönberger, 2014). This can be effected in Mr. Kirby’s business because big data management involves analysis of data which may lead to new correlations. Big data management comes with time management. The time can be used in focusing attention on other important facets of production within Kirby’s business. Success in any organization comes with good time keeping abilities always checking on deadlines and ensuring that the demands of clients are met. The synchronization of information technology in Mr. Harrison Kirby’s business comes with advantages such as accuracy of the system, and furthermore saves both time and costs which are very important facets within a business organization.

            Furthermore, big data comes up with a system whereby timely insights are made from the vast amounts of data. This may include those stored in the company database and the social media. Forecasting of events and monitoring real-time comes about with big data which has a positive impact on the business operation and performance.  Nonetheless, big data encourages data manipulation, risk mitigation, BDI solution convergence – all these are instrumental in improving decision quality in the business. This is a call for Harrison Kirby to introduce the big data system in his golf course business, this system can assist in forecasting of problems that are likely to occur in the future and assist in decision making in Kirby’s business. Moreover, customer base is able to expand through introduction of such a system in business. The success of any business is directly proportional to accuracy in decision making, time management and cost reduction all which are achievable through the use of big data.

            Likewise, knowledge management assists in various aspects of the business such as acquiring of knowledge in different business subject areas such as information systems, business management, business administration, and information systems (Becerra-Fernandez &Leidner, 2008). It is a multi-discipline approach in attaining the goals and objectives of an organization through the best use of knowledge. This dictates the limits for a business man and introduces a checklist for careful analysis before pursuing a business venture. Successful selection of a profitable business venture is also possible through the introduction of such a system in business.

In the case of Mr. Kirby, he has to analyze the merits and demerits of joining the new business venture and estimate the returns that might come up as a result of embracing the new system. This should be in terms of asking the following questions; what is the new system all about? What are its merits over the current system that I employ? What business assets and capital should I employ towards installing this new system? Do I have such finances? Knowledge management in business and information technology brings about both inductive and deductive thinking in business which dictates the dos and don’ts for a businessman(Christensen, 2003). The success of any business is reliant on taking calculated risks and implementing them based on the available resources.

Nevertheless, knowledge management focus on the goals and objectives of an organization. These include; competitive advantage, innovation and improvement in performance (Christensen, 2003). It brings into perspective the linking of knowledge gained from different fields and implementing such knowledge in business in order to realize efficiency and improving performance. Knowledge management is a sure way that Harrison should employ in his business not only to keep competition at bay but also, to manage the business assets in a favorable climate and successfully install the new online system that makes him positive with success.

Wireless is important to any business organization. Mostly wireless networks assists businesses in services such as teleconferencing where managers exchange ideas which can be instrumental in assisting a business achieve its objective of profit optimization (Umar, 2004). Moreover, wireless communication also improves the communication between employees and the management or owners of the organization. It has the advantage of reducing time wasted on meetings because the target employee or employer is just a call away. This makes coordination of departments and handling of business transactions very easy.

Mr. Harrison Kirby’s business should employ the effectiveness of wireless communication within his business in order to realize the benefits enlisted that comes about with the installation of such a technology. With the adoption of an online form of online interaction with clients and business transaction, expansion of Mr. Kirby’s business is unavoidable. He is thus compiled to pick out on wireless installation in order to make future communication and coordination of business activities within his firm easy. This is a vital step towards attaining competitive advantage over other competing firms that uses amazon as an advertisement medium.

Mr. Harrison Kirby should also employ mobile computing to his business. This would be effective in making his golf course business possible to operate for 24 hours. Clients would be comfortable to reach him even during hours spent off work because interactions and in product and service inquiry would be possible anywhere through mobile computing. This has the advantage of tapping a wider customer base including those available online. Time management becomes effective in business and more sales and booking for services can also be possible(Garg, 2007).

The aim of any business is to maximize its profits. This can be achieved by Mr. Kirby by introducing mobile computing to his business. Mobile commerce is also very vital in the case of Mr. Kirby. Mobile commerce makes it possible to transact business using handheld devices like the mobile phones which reduces time wastage for example, time wasted in long queues(Mennecke, 2003). Liquid money is easily transferrable from customers to Mr. Kirby and this not only improves sales but boosts the organizations image to the clients which he targets. This serves as a tool for time management, good customer relations and achieving the target of boosting transactions.


            The modern business is dynamic and requires the input of technology in order to make milestone and compete favorably. Such new methods that come about as a result of information technology such as wireless, mobile computing, mobile commerce, big data, and knowledge management offer remarkable advantages to businesses when employed to the operations and processes involved. However, these processes should be placed into perspective under due considerations of the law and business ethics. Mr. Kirby has to put such systems into play in his business in order to keep competition at bay and tap more clients.

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