Sample IT-Web Essay Paper on Employee Monitoring Technology

Employee Monitoring Technology

Because of increasing cyberloafing and lawsuits, the need for Employee monitoring has increased significantly. Monitoring has become much easier and more widespread through the use of new technologies that are cheap. The use of Computer software, mobile applications, and tracking systems has become more prevalent as more employers seek to ensure that they get the most output from their employees. Constant monitoring is however associated with crucial ethical implications. Employers on one hand use such technologies to monitor their employees’ productivity and actions. Employees on the other hand often feel that such kind of monitoring leads to the invasion of their privacy. When implementing such monitoring techniques, employers flaunt some legal regulations either knowingly or unknowingly. This paper explores employee monitoring technology, and how employers can ensure trust is not lost with their employees and they operate within legal frameworks on personal privacy of individuals.

            Many employers use off the shelf or custom made applications to monitor the movements and actions of employees.  In an article on the Washington post, Andrea Peterson explores a case in which MyrnaAryas was fired after disabling GPS location service on her smart phone when she realized that she was being tracked by the employer even when off duty. She filed a lawsuit (Patterson, 2015). Such an application used for this purpose is a Xora Tracker. This application collects the user location using geolocation and can manipulate the smartphone camera to access location pictures (, 2015). Such tracking puts employers at risk of legal action and employee’s privacy invaded. Invasion of privacy is discomforting to anyone. While governments have been known to use the same techniques for security purposes, certain legal measures have been flaunted.

Organizations should ensure that they involve their employees and Legal teams to ensure that techniques used to document employee throughput and security are acceptable legally, socially, and ethically. Trough this, the organizations achieve their intended goals and maintain harmony with other parameters.


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