Sample IT-Web Coursework Paper on Data governance

Data governance

Purpose and scope of data governance

            Data governance is a concept used by companies to enhance the quality of data through accurate methods of data entry and storage.  Its scope entails data planning, availability of data and data quality. Data governance is closely related to information quality assurance because in both cases, enhancing the quality of data is the primary goal (Khatri & Brown, 2010). However, the two concepts differ in that information quality assurance focuses on the way that data relates to the organizational objectives while data governance focuses on quality of data.

The role of data governance in business process management

            It is impossible for businesses to succeed in continuous quality improvement and process re-engineering without using the information gathered from data analysis. In absence of data governance, the business cannot make sound decisions due to inaccurate data.  Process re-engineering involves changing the design of processes in the organization and such decision relies on accurate data. Continuous quality improvement focuses on the efforts to enhance the productivity of the organization and it is based on the availability of high quality data enhanced by data governance.

The role of information governance in information security

            Through information governance, an organization is able to enhance the security of its information through the policies and standards laid out by the framework on how to handle sensitive information. The framework that guides information governance guarantees security for the organization’s information (Rosenbaum, 2010).

Conflicts between various processes

Data governance and information quality assurance are the main aspects that dictate the success of the business processes. The scope of the two concepts is quite similar as they all aim at achieving quality data and information in the organization. There is no concept that is superior to the other between the two thus they should be used together to achieve the desired results.


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