Sample International Relations Essay Paper on U.S.A. Security strategy

Our country has received a lot of threats; this has made the policies, strategies plus the interest to be changed over the past twenty years.  The main fear that the United States of America are currently facing is the issue of nuclear weapons plus its spread to extremists whose desires are to launch them on their enemy countries. It is, therefore, the responsibility of our government to protect the citizens of America plus anyone who stays in America. The strategy begins with identifying the strengths plus the influence at the international level and the steps that are taken at home. The reason for maintaining the national security of the United States is because of the desire to increase the economy and to decrease the country’s deficit. The American nation is made up of people who come from various race, religions, faith plus culture; this will make Americans promote peace among its population. Another thing is that democracy plus personal empowerment must be check and practiced at all times. This has put the country to be in a position to lead the period of globalization. To solve the security threat that we faced in America after the bombing that took place in September, the American government became very cautious about external attacks and they decided to change their security strategy (George, np).

The American government through the Homeland Security Act created the Department of Homeland Security to handle domestic and the anti-terrorism issues. The federal government was given more power by The Patriot Act. Among the powers that they were given to them include the powers to detain any foreign suspect of terror for even a week without charge. This is done to check the emails communications plus the internet use. They are also allowed to prosecute the guilty terrorists without having restrictions in time. Another strategy that the United States of America have adopted is the assigning of sky marshals to the American flights. Lastly, there was an introduction of an Act known as the Aviation and Transportation Security Act which made the federal government responsible for the security of the airport. This law stated that there must be an inspection of all the passengers plus their luggage. Currently, the United States of America has come up with a lot of investigation departments like the Criminal intelligence agencies and the Federal Bureau of the Investigation; these departments have the mandate to investigate and identify any possible threats and solve them before it occurs.  To counter the external threats, the American government believes that if they build a strong leadership, it will make America be feared and be respected beyond its borders. The government of USA has the powers to control all the nuclear tests that are carried out by all the countries. It is the responsibility of the government to control the weapons for mass destructions since the terrorists’ threats are on the rise currently. Because of the fight to control these weapons, the American nation has developed a lot of enemies but still they have been able to disrupt and to defeat most of their enemies. Another strategy that United States uses is to deploy the troops in almost every country plus their intelligence officers to investigate any possible terrorist plans and report to the relevant personnel for action to be taken to stop the threats (Robert A, 40).

During the campaign, Mr. Trump assured the citizens of America that he would restore their lost military dignity. Trump is a businessman who has been elected to be the president and commander in chief of the United States of America. The new president-elect Mr. Donald Trump during the campaign showed a lot of strategies and policies that would make sure that the security of our country is restored. He promised to corporate with the Congress and plans a new budget that would help build the American depleted army. The plan is that U.S. military will be increased to five hundred and forty thousand soldiers who are active for the army to be able to execute their duties efficiently. When it comes to protecting our country from sea attacks, the president-elect plans to rebuild around three hundred and fifty warships for U.S Navy, provision of around one thousand two hundred fighter aircraft to protect the country from air attacks, lastly the U.S.A Marine Corps will be increased to thirty-six battalions. Following the nuclear threats from countries like North Korea and Iran, the plan is that America through President Donald Trump will invest in nuclear defense system to counter these threats. This will be achieved through changing the old Navy’s cruisers to modern ship and adding the modern destroyers to stop any ballistic missile from these countries. Trump believes that everything is possible and restoring the dignity of our nation is something that is achievable. Lastly, he plans to carry out an audit that will make sure that the country’s national defense is rebuilt especially on the Pentagon. Incorrect payment within defense e Department will be eliminated; the duplicative bureaucracy will be reduced, and the unwanted plus federal programs which are unauthorized will be put to an end.


It is true that America over the past years has been diplomatic especially to foreigners, but the truth is that when the security is weak, the investments will also be low. That is why the American economy is said to have increased a little bit. When it comes to economy, Trump is believed to have the experience to boost it. Many people thought that the problem would be on the issue of military and the wars that the Americans might be involved with the other countries, but it seems like Trump’s tough speeches worked since all the countries that he attacked said that they were willing to work with him. The policy of introducing the Mexican-American wall will strengthen the security in that people will not just be finding themselves in America. The security system of the United States will be increased in that the personnel will be ready for most attacks depending on how the elect president was speaking. Another policy that the United States government will introduce is the increase of new security departments to investigate any possible threat and to report before any attack takes place. Lastly, the fact that there is a new president does not mean that everything has changed. All the previous policy and strategies will still function it is only that they will be implemented more often in case there would be a need. In the end Trump is the answer to the lost dignity of the United States of America.

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