Sample International Relations Essay Paper on TNC 3

            In today’s world, inequality still affects the minority groups in the country in institutions, paces of work, and other social gatherings. This paper discusses how Transnational Corporations (TNC) organize its global value network in terms employment, their employees’ pay, and the goals of the global division of labor. TNC cases occur when the information entered by an employee in the E-Verify from the employer’s form 1-9 has issues as it does not match the social security administration records and at the Department of Homeland Security. Although Amazon is a big corporation, workers at this company face the same challenges as other employees in transnational corporations.

            Most of the TNC’s employees are based in large and medium manufacturing companies that are located in different areas. Globally, Most of the Amazon employees were not unionized in 2017. While these workers understand that forming a union can help them get better services, they have not been able to organize a worker’s union for the warehouse employees. However, the warehouse workers have been involved in rallies related to lack of normal workplace benefits for employees and low salaries. The rallies were led by a coalition of labor unions and employees working in Amazon warehouses.

            Some of the top CEO’s in the TNC’s make an average of $15.6 million according to research conducted in 2016. This is usually more than five times what the average employee takes home. Amazon is the fourth biggest publicly traded organization. Jeff Bezos, the CEO of the company earns approximately $100 billion and the company is expected to hit a revenue of $1 trillion this year. Some of the warehouse workers at Amazon are paid as little as $8.50 an hour.

            At Amazon men, occupy the high ranks and make more money while the low ranks are filled with women. For every $1 that men working at Amazon make, women make 99.9 cents. This is based on the cheap labor offered by women and their desperation to find jobs so that they can provide for their families. Single mothers are commonly found in the low ranks, characterized by low pay. This TNC does not address issues of managerial and employee diversity as it has considered all employees as equals.

            Several campaigns such as the stand with Oklahoma teachers, where approximately 10,000 teachers had walked away from their jobs and through the movement, jobs with justice movement have been put in place. Some TNCs have improved their services to their employees by offering them better pay; Amazon on the other hand only continues to provide poor payments to its employees. In February 2018, Amazon offered its employees up to $5000 to quit their jobs.