Sample International Relations Essay Paper on Regulatory Regimes

Regulatory Regimes

Response to Tim

Tim, I agree with the arguments you have made on what Drezner means by “Bringing the great powers back in?” It is true that globalization cannot hinder powerful states from setting and enforcing global regulatory standards when they want to promote and protect their interests in a fair manner. These powerful states are able to take part in forum-shopping in a regime that is considered complex (Drezner 5). On the other hand, they will use various policy tools to formulate structures based on their state interests thus in the end achieve what they want in the global market.

I also agree with the statement you have made regarding Drezner’s counterargument to Silverburg claims especially the fact that power governments play a crucial role in the enforcement and establishment of global economy. However, the fact that powerful states use their power to set laws and regulations that governs and promotes their interest do you think that they are misusing their power for their benefit? Are they really promoting and protecting fairness as Drezner has claimed in the book?

Response to Elena

Elena, I love the fact that you have mentioned the title of the book in your post because it enables the readers to know the source of reference to the main question of discussion. You have mentioned two important ideas when responding to what Drezner meant by “Bringing the great powers back in?” One of the points is “two great powers-Europe and USA” which means that these powerful states still remain to be the primary actors in the global governance. The second point is Drezner’s assumption regarding the government being the primary actor in governing the global economy. These two points I believe is what made you come to a conclusion that Drezner meant that these great power nations are needed for the overall stability of the global economy. These powerful nations are the main regulators of fairness in the global market. They determine the nature, the extent, and the existence of regulations not as a way of addressing the desires or concerns of a specific group, but to promote acceptance of principles of justice (Silverburg 113).

Elena, you have mentioned that there is a possibility for states to cooperate in international regimes, but only if their international political states is support, do you think that this is fair especially for less powerful nations or underdeveloped nations?

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