Sample International Relations Essay Paper on Multilateralism or Multi-Layered

Multilateralism or Multi-Layered

Response to Sara

Sara, I agree with you regarding Knutsen point being more important than Hammer’s psychological theory of multilateralism. By mentioning that NATO would have become a mere tool of foreign policy, it becomes clear the reason they do not exist in Asia.  When it comes to international affairs reciprocal relations is important without which, there will be no stable expectations (Lipson 2). I therefore agree with Knutsen for looking into the future of NATO in case they decided to become part of Asia. They would not acquire any stability and the policies could have affected their future in a negative way. On the other hand, Sara, you have made a clear point to explain the reason the two viewpoints of Knutsen and Katzenstein cannot be reconciled. However, since the two authors discussed the issue of capitalism and its contribution to NATO not being part of Asia, do you think that they had the same ideas but expressed it in different ways and period thus the reason you think the viewpoints cannot be reconciled?

Response to Rob

Rob, you have provided your own thought regarding how you feel about NATO thus the reason for agreeing with Knutsen and not Katzenstein’s viewpoints. This shows that you understand what the author was talking about and that you relate well with the points that he has made to explain the reasons behind NATO not being part of Asia. One point that strikes me is where you have mentioned the US being the strong arm of NATO. This brings us to the issue of power and security. Realist, Robert Art mentioned that majority of states benefits from a particular degree of security, they therefore seek power in order to pursue policies that would enable them defend themselves (Fiammenghi 126). You are therefore right to have mentioned the desire for protection which NATO did not acquire from Asia thus decided not to exist in this area. However, you have mentioned that NATO is the largest peacetime alliance in the world, how do you think it will deal with the US in case it decides to use nuclear war to intimidate them?

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