Sample International Relations Essay Paper on International trade

International trade

Response to Elena

Elena, you have mentioned refugee and migrant crisis as ways in which international regimes affects international trade. It is the reason why the direct result in the international economy has not been regulated to facilitate fair and more balanced distribution of world economy as you have stated in your post. I believe that this is because of the great powers in the world that tend to govern the global regulatory. For instance, European Union and United States are great power nations. When they faced minimal cost adjustment, they recognized substantial benefits because of coordination which in turn led to the establishment of technical standards and a swift common regulatory (Drezner 1).

However, the economic environment will not be the same without these two powers. Take for example the case of US which experienced bad economic effects when it decided to leave international trade without regulations. You have mentioned its auto-manufacturing industry and how it was greatly affected by the exit. I, therefore agree with you that to avoid these effects, it is important to create more law-based instead of power-based global economic environment. However, do you believe that these laws will affect the ways in which countries relate in the international environment?

Response to Mike

I agree with you that the presence of international (regulatory) regimes helps in leveling up the playing field in international trade. You have mentioned The World Trade Organizations (WTO) and International Standard Organizations (ISO) whose aim is to protect developing nations from discrimination for them to also benefit from international trade. I believe that the aim of WTO and ISO is to prevent great powers such as United States and Europeans nations from controlling the ways in which world trade takes place. Fairness is the basis for cooperation in a democratic society to prevent constrains of individualism that is allowed in the society resulting in equality and freedom for the greater good of all the participants in international trade (Sanford 112).  I agree with you that these great powers influence the ways in which WTO makes resolutions to favor them. However, do you believe that this practice is unfair especially to developing nations which have no powers or say on the ways in which international trade is being conducted?

You are also right to wonder what will happen if these organizations were absent in international trade. They help in regulating the rate in which great powers bully small nations. The good resolutions that these organizations have is the reason the small nations are able to take part in international trade and benefit from it despite the fact that great powers controls everything.  However, do you think that the regulations made by WTO and ISO are mainly controlled by great powers?

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