Sample International Relations Admission Essay Paper on Diffusion of Norms

Diffusion of Norms

Peer 1: Tim

What are the impacts of an administration that does not abide by the terms of human rights? It is true to state that a nation that enhances strong human rights standards eventually assists in the facilitation of its strength and reputation. Human rights are learned autonomously with rules that ensure that they are applied accordingly (Seppala 401-408). Human rights in a state are composed of elements that bring into comprehension how citizens under those rights should address each other and the manner in which the administration should handle its subjects. Human rights suit both civilians and their governance in that the rights equalize every member of the society no matter their ranks. Human rights act as protection of the civilians from ruthless acts hence making the confident that no cruel action can be done against them. Citizens of any state are delighted when its authorities adhere to the human rights standards. Residents tend to back the government in all means if it adheres to the terms of the human rights.

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Peer 2: Nick

Should the civilians of a given state be involved in the formation of human rights? Every nation has different human rights standards because of the fact that people in all countries have dissimilar perspectives on issues. People in a given nation are bound together by the same government, and as long as a country has its administration, it has to set human rights. Each state has its methods of employing human rights. Human rights play a major role in ensuring that nationals are addressed like humans. Some emergent countries have a problem of abusing the rights of the citizens. Such cases could lead to the formation of human rights for them by the modernized nations (Betts 69). Through the creation of human rights by another country, an emergent state may be underrated or negate information being passed among nations. Abuse of human rights may cause hatred of a state by other nations resulting in segregation. The impact is demolishment of such a country’s economy as no powerful nation would desire to be associated with a state that does not uphold human rights (Hafner-Burton 689).

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