Sample HR Management Research Paper on Human Resources Interview

What was Surprising?

 The surprising fact about human resource is that it’s a dynamic field that emphasizes the aspect of diversity and understanding other peoples cultures. 

What was Useful?

 HR concentrates on building an individual’s ability to interpret different situations effectively and applying correct strategies to solve organizational complications.

How did it affect the Notions of your Career Action Plan?

 Human resource helped me to understand that the field is not only concerned with identifying the best skills for the firm but also comprehending and solving the problems facing the community.

What was your Most Important Takeaway?

One of the important aspects I learned about HR management is that honesty and transparency are virtues that should be respected regardless of the cultural background of any person.

How did you get where you are Professionally?

 To get here, I had to put a lot of hard work and sharpen some of my skills including problem solving, innovativeness and patience. It also needed building a reliable network that could help in understanding the different concepts relevant in the field (Bratton & Gold, 2017). 

What is your level of Education?

 I am currently taking master’s in business management as a supplement to the bachelors in human resource. I have also done some of the professional papers such as ACCA and CHRP which are equally relevant in human resource.

What is your Current Work Experience?

 I have worked in human resource related organizations for about 7 years and a consultancy firm for 2 years after completing my bachelors.

What Jobs helped Prepare you for your Current Job?

 Over the entire period, I worked in different capacities that helped in preparing me for my human resource career. For instance, I worked as a cashier for 2 years, an intern and an assistant administrator that adequately prepared me for my HM career.  

Describe a Typical Day/Week/Month in your Position

 A typical day involves signing in, assessing employees progress from the company database and formulating different strategies that might help in improving the productivity of the institution.

What do you like about your Job?

 It helps me to meet many people with diverse cultural backgrounds and to build a viable network with other companies.

What do you find challenging?

 The diverse nature and the ability to understand human perception and organization is a very challenging process that limits my performance in human resource

What do you wish you would have known when starting out?

 When starting, I wish I would have known that HM is not only, about managing the workforce but also studying their background and their ability to perform in different environments

What skills or abilities have helped you succeed professionally?

Some of the skills include decision making, critical analysis, innovativeness, problem-solving and networking abilities.

What do you think about?

 Human resource is constantly changing and the incorporation of technology in managing and investigating employees’ background information has constantly been applied in this field.  Equally, the use of machines could soon lead to increased conflicts between labor unions and employers (Brewster, Chung & Sparrow, 2016).

What recommendations do you have for someone interested in the field?

 Human resource is a dynamic and challenging field that requires critical analytical and social skills to help you understand the nature of human beings.


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