Sample HR Management Paper on MGT 258 Reflective essay

It was a bunch of mixed feelings inside me while I was preparing for the first class; I was both nervous and excited. However, the instructor simplified the unit and by the end of the first week, I was enjoying the course. Before studying this course I did not have an idea on how large organizations effectively manage their human resource. I never understood how companies like Volkswagen and Netflix managed their large staff. This was a new learning experience to me as earlier ideas and perspectives were challenged. The topics covered every week have presented me with an opportunity to increase my knowledge in many fields such as building and managing a team. This class has been a good foundation for other human resource classes.

The course textbook ‘Management’ is an educative book that ties explanations to the real world. I think it will still serve as a guide book in future if I start my business or have a managerial position. The course began with an introduction to management that was an eye opener as I learnt about the different types of managers. From this information, I think I would like to have a position as a first-line manager as this post is involves a lot of interaction with employees. In my opinion, understanding management was very important before moving to human resource topics and the instructor did a superb job by clearing the basics first and then proceeding to the complex concepts.  Other topics such as managing in a global environment introduced me to the concept of management in a foreign country. I know have knowledge on the steps to take to internationalize a company. I think global outsourcing would be a good way to build an international brand.

 Some of the lessons will be useful in other courses. The topic on planning work activities has lay foundation to study in strategic planning. Steps in goal setting will help me set personal goals regarding my life. I have been familiarized with new business jargons like McDonaldizations that have been useful in understanding the fast food business in USA. Lessons learnt from entrepreneurial ventures topic have changed my mind set about starting a business where I thought one has to start large. I am now equipped with necessary skills and knowledge of setting up my own business. Lesson about decision making will be instrumental in making decisions regarding my life and career. I am now familiar with the steps of decision making. Being a group leader, the lesson about forming and managing a team will be beneficial in my group leadership role. This course involved many case studies on top companies. I am now familiar with operations of top companies such as Volkswagen. I was not aware that a business can adopt change without affecting its profits, but then while studying this subject that change is bound to occur in any business. The method of managing change determines the business survival.

Conclusively, I am grateful to this class since I have discovered the type of management position that I want to hold. After the case study on Netflix, I have understood the factors that have helped them stay relevant to date. The most important tip that I have learnt is hiring smart people benefits a business. This lesson has improved my understanding of operations of business organizations. I am grateful to this course as I have been equipped with knowledge that will not only help me in my course but also in my life.