Sample HR Management Paper on concept of evidence-based practice and assess

kindly only do the Report: Part one
You are required to prepare a report to senior managers at their forthcoming annual meeting. The report needs to:

(1.1) Provide evaluation of the concept of evidence-based practice and assess how evidence-based practice approaches can be used to provide insight to support sound decision-making and judgments for people practitioners across a range of people practices and organizational issues.

➢ Assess = evaluate/judge the importance of an issue, and use available
information to make a reasoned judgment.
➢ Must include both people practice issues, and organisational issues.
➢ Evaluate at least 2 evidence-based practice approaches, and their impact on decision making – see Indicative Content in the Course Specification document for examples of suitable strategies, models and approaches.

(1.2) Provide evaluation of one appropriate analysis tool and one method that might be applied by organisations to recognise and diagnose current and future issues, challenges, and opportunities.

➢ Select 1 tool and 1 method to evaluate.
➢ To evaluate you should appraise the importance or value of your chosen tool and method using evidence, information, and knowledge.
➢ Consider how the tool and method can be used for future issues, challenges and opportunities.

(1.3) Explain the main principles of critical thinking and describe how these might apply to individual and work colleagues’ ideas to assist objective and rational debate.

➢ Explain at least 3 main principles.
➢ Provide 1 example of when these principles could or have applied to your own ideas.
➢ Provide 1 example related to others’ ideas, perhaps a work colleague.

(1.4) Assess a range of different ethical theories and perspectives and explain how understanding of these can be used to inform and influence moral decision-making.

➢ Assess at least 3 different ethical theories.
➢ Evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of the theories to make a reasoned judgement.

(2.3) Explain a range of approaches that could be taken by people practitioners to identify possible solutions to a specific issue relating to people’s practice.

➢ Explain at least 3 different approaches.
➢ Focus on how a People Practitioner would identify solutions to make an impact on practice.
➢ You should use an example of a specific people practice issue to illustrate your answer.

(3.1) Appraise one approach an organization can take to measure financial and non-financial performance.

➢ One approach is required, but this should include both financial and non-financial performance, so consider the use of multiple metrics e.g. KPIs or a balanced scorecard.
➢ Evaluate or assess the approach to judge its suitability, and consider why an organization might use this approach.

(3.4) Explain how a variety of people practices add value in an organisation and identify a range of methods that might be used to measure the impact of a range of people practices.

➢ Include at least 3 ways in which People Practice adds value to an organisation.
➢ Identify methods used to measure the impact of the ways you have identified.