Sample HR Management Essay Paper on Performance Management

Performance Management

Performance management is a well-organized process than an organization can apply to be able to realize its goals. The process involves bringing together factors of production especially the human labor with the aim of enhancing their effectiveness for the wellbeing of the organization. The process does not only encompass bringing together employees but also careful planning of the duties and coming up with realistic and achievable targets. The performance management has the ability to assist an organization in achieving its goals in the following ways.

Firstly, it helps the organization in getting the best out of its workforce. It is important to note that with the performance management, the workforce is managed depending on how they perform. Consequently, an organization can have a tighter control of its workforce based on their abilities as well as the expectations of the organization. Therefore, an organization can receive the best out of the workforce. Secondly, performance management can assist an organization to accomplish its goals by fostering the discovery and application of the innovative breakthroughs. In most cases, a workable performance management system is a recipe for the endless improvements of the management processes. With perfections, innovations are inevitable.

Therefore, an organization would unknowingly develop innovative breakthroughs in the way they undertake its operations. Nevertheless, an organization would have the capacity of adapting to any prevailing circumstances. Besides, an organization would be in a position of coming up with alternative but more efficient ways of using their labor force to accomplish their stipulated goals. Thirdly, performance management has the ability to align the organization’s vision together with the objectives and goals for the benefit of the organization as a whole.