Sample HR Management Essay Paper on HR at Fruit Guys

HR at Fruit Guys

This paper presents an overview of HR and its role in helping create and support the organizational culture of Fruit Guys. The latter was established with the objective of replacing junk food from offices with healthy and quality food. Its effective HR has contributed to the success enjoyed by stakeholders from every corner including employees, suppliers, in this case, farmers, and customers.

Answers to questions

Question 1

The integration of HR with the organizational culture has seen Fruit Guys create various positions such as sales, and this has led to faster and immediate growth returns. Besides, it has played an integral role in the firm’s budgeting process, which in the long run, has contributed to its success.

Question 2

The social responsibility of Fruit Guys is evident in the fact that it supports suppliers, who this case are growers, by providing them with beehives and taking social events to the suppliers. The implication for HR is that it makes employees and other stakeholders feel part of an organization, and this motivates and encourages them.

Question 3

Employees at Fruit Guys would know that ethics is important for success when they see their CEO championing for ethical perspectives such as honesty and respect.

Question 4

The role of HR in organizational ethics involves taking people’s opinions into account, helping address organizational problems, and promoting respect and trust among organizational stakeholders.

Question 5

Fruit Guys will have to deal with maintaining organizational ethics by ensuring that the top management champions for respect and trust among employees and other stakeholders.

Question 6

Small HR organizations have the problem of wrestling with the HR component, and thus, they are unable to put their resources to things that can give fast or immediate returns.

Question 7

For the strategic role, the HR activities required include hiring and firing employees. For the operational role, the HR activity required is ensuring that every employee’s needs or interests are met. For the administrative role, the HR activity required is ensuring correct or appropriate budgeting and distribution of resources.